WILD ENDING! Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Game 6 Final Minutes! 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

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  1. When the Celtics needed to score in the last two minutes they couldn’t lol but the heat could score half court with there eyes closed

  2. What now? The sorry ass Heat lost the series! They can't shoot for shit!!! Jimmy "Robin" Butler!!! 🗑🤣🤣🤣

  3. Very poor plays by both sides in the clutch… I think GSW can take the winner in 6 games, no matter who it shall be…

  4. Ciltics shows a weekness in game 6…Tatum if eliminated 3 points shooting.Heat can do it. Win

  5. brown missed 2 free throws and a dunk plus several 3 point attempts; he let the celtics down.

  6. yall sleepin. Draymond said what he said because he WANTS them to face the Heat instead of Boston. I like MIA, but i dont think they have the fire power needed.yall sleepin. Draymond said what he said because he wants them to face the Heat instead of Boston. I like MIA, but i dont think they have the fire power needed.

  7. None of these got a chance against the Warriors if Steph plays. He's just gonna ram them 3 pointers without bothering with defense and none of these teams seems they're comfortable with 3 pointers.

  8. As a Celtics fan, I’m not seeing Championship quality mentality out of this squad in Boston.. these guys the last 5 minutes waited, dribbled down shot clocks, and tried to wait out a win instead of MAKING it happen. Attack the damn basket, get open, put yourself in a position for a quality shot. Make them and then get a stop on defense.. should have been a close out game but they choked mentally. Game 7 they’ll have to bring a win at all cost mentality or the Heat are going to the Finals. Props to the Heat for a hardened mentality to get this win.

  9. mocking top seeded Miami Heat while series still active,
    ARROGANT analyst, bunch of idiots already talking about
    GSW VS BOSTON in the NBA Finals makes the miami heat motivates them and making history in the future. .
    Beating twice the Celtics to enter NBA FINALS,
    and upsetting the GSW in Finals for disrespecting (especially D. Green) them so much. .

  10. Marcus Smart once again taking too many shots at critical times. He should know his role is to get the ball to Tatum in those situations.

  11. Living here in chicago, my Dad Loved watching Butler when he was a Bull. I'm sure he was celebrating from the clouds last night.

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