Why There Are No Megatall Skyscrapers in New York

Only four buildings in the world have ever exceeded 600 metres in height, but none of them are in New York City – here’s why. For more by The B1M subscribe now –

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Narrated by Fred Mills. Additional footage and images courtesy of The Dronalist, Extell, PNB Merdeka Ventures and Skyscraper Page.

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  1. New York already has the status as the world city. The ESB, WTC, Chrysler Building, Manhattan Bridge, even the Statue of Liberty etc… these are iconic modern places that most people on the planet recognize and creating something that can compete with these would need something more than just the height but a symbolism.

  2. Simple. Megatall Skyscrapers are a vanity project. Often times the last 300 meters of the tower are barely usable. New York's buildings need to use every inch of space available, so building tall enough is better than building tallest

  3. There should have been an aspiration to build 1WTC as the tallest in the world. Or at least rebuilding Twin Towers – taller and stronger. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

  4. I've been to both cities. Manhattan is better than Chicago. The people are much nicer not like the media portrays & the crime is not as bad in New York like it is in Chicago. In Chicago the people are rude as I have experienced first hand as i have experienced first hand and the crime is bad. I have been there to the loop, West side, Northside and South side. I didn't feel safe going there. Yes the crime is not as bad in the loop but it's not unheard of. I would never take my family to a place like Chicago because the people are rude, the crime is bad. The people in New York also don't pay much attention to what happens in Chicago. Chicago on the other hand always looks for any type of attention. Yes they are proud which is fine but they show hatred and unfreindliness for other cities. That's one of the reasons why I would rather visit other cities than chicago. Shouldn't Chicago be worried about their own problems than worrying about other cities? Why doesn't Chicago show concern about it's own citizens from crime instead of bragging about how great they are? Why does Chicago brag about how great they are? Also there are other cities that are better than Chicago that have great skylines. The people are not as desperate in NYC like Chicago. Chicago is seems to be more concerned and worried about comparing themselves and competing with other cities. Why does Chicago care more and more worried about what's happening in other cities than their own city? Where is the concern for it's citizens?

  5. Mega skyscrapers aren't even all that.
    The only reason one was built in a desert of all places was just to show off Dubai's power on the world stage- yet its lack of a connected sewer system meant that tons of shit needs to be pumped out every day, leading to an everpresent train of shit trucks constantly surrounding the tower.

  6. I'm sorry but take a look at the residential buildings on 57th street, you can't tell me those things aren't "mega tall" if anything they're too tall. Just because they don't have the tallest in the world. It's all relative. NY skyline still the most classic, recognized and impressive of all.

  7. It’s frustrating to watch this guys videos, maybe he’s just looking for European viewers. I have no idea what “meters” translates to. 600 meters, no idea. 144 meters. Whatever.

  8. why did the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the title was "I think we know why there isn't a mega tall skyscraper in New York"😭😭im going to h e double hockey sticks

  9. NYC might be the only place with a market need to as many middle class apartments as a Burj Khalifa could provide, but they won't do it cus it's just not a NYC thing. Breaking 2000 feet probably will happen tho

  10. A bit of a mindless video that only pushes the desire to build tall buildings, but without reason.

    In New York almost all of the skyscrapers are barely one quarter to one third occupied.

    Before 911 the World Trade Center was only one third occupied and talks of tearing it down had circulated for years.

    It was labeled a WHITE ELEPHANT.

    Those massive towers around the world are likewise a waste… mostly unoccupied and major expense in heating/cooling/maintaining.

    Thanks but NO THANKS to these monstrosities that serve no purpose

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