Why San Francisco Is SO BAD Now 🇺🇸

San Francisco is on a bit of a downward spiral. More than anything I wanted to document this time period and years from now look back on it as an odd moment in history that is behind us.
🔴 Video shot January 23, 2021. More Below↓


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  1. Oof. I am currently picking a new city to move for an internal transfer, and SF was, and I repeat, WAS on top of my list. It just dropped off from the list. There is no way I'm living and paying tax in a city that incentivizes criminals.

  2. Wow, look at all the crime, gangs and violence you had to experience on your horrible walk through that terrorized city. How did you and all the people you walked past, survive the day?

  3. So how about the employees … can they help themselves to $950 in merchandise? Maybe after they clock out eh?

  4. @5:00 "I didn't want to gross you out so I blurred it out… for just a second."

    You could have left that blur on for just a LITTLE longer. 🤣💩😂

  5. It's not like living in hot boring azz Phoenix Arizona.. U could literally do a video like this for every city in the country

  6. The delopadated police car really tells you every you need to know about San Francisco, this actually makes me sad to see such a vibrant city in this condition.

  7. That Kansas City man was a pleasure to listen to. It's easy to read about these places in the news, but the reasons I love shows like The Wire is that they're not afraid to just show you what happens. Plain and raw. I'm glad I discovered this video and I'm glad I discovered your channel, Pete. I'll subscribe and stick around for sure.

  8. every city and town and village has religious freaks that only spread hate and division and think "god" would protect them from the virus..and they think their so called "God" would approve..what a bunch of COVIDIOTS.

  9. Bu Gədəni Keçəl Tutur yYaraşır ………………………………..
    …………SoheLll …………aze ……………..













  10. San Francisco's biggest problem is people still have the delusion that they live in the best city, despite all the problems.

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