What Went Wrong in Chicago? America's Most Segregated City (Poverty Documentary) | Real Stories

What Went Wrong In Chicago? Rich City, Poor City (Poverty Documentary) | Real Stories

“Winner of 5 Regional Emmy Awards”
Where did Chicago go wrong? Chicago at the Crossroad tells the story of a city caught in the aftermath of a policy of mass displacement shaded by a long history of segregation.

A Feature Length Documentary from Schodorf Media Creative – 15 years in the making…

Chicago at the Crossroad tells the story of a city caught in the violent aftermath of a policy of mass displacement shaded by a long history of segregation.

Much is said about the violence that plagues Chicago’s hyper-segregated communities. But what is known about the systems that created them, the laws that isolated them, and the policies that abandoned them? And how does a city heal from the decades of heartbreak and pain?

From Chicago At The Crossroad

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  1. The only issue…. Is the fact that to many blacks where together. They didn't have enough white examples to go by. Let's face it ….. There's no huge white filled building for the poor…. Y'all ever asked yourself why that is??

  2. You need to buy going under hotels make them homeless rehabilitation centers with job mental and addiction services put it all in one place not 4 things will change give them 90 days to get clean and think straight then place them in a job help these people homelessness is 85 percent of crime drug abuse and hopelessness solve that you get them back to work you get the economy going again these people had good jobs before they lost it all give them a chance nobody wants to live in a jail like setting separately from their girlfriend wife and kids give them their own space so they can motivate and thrive together

  3. A wonderful documentary… Thanks for sharing! Although I do not know Edwin, I’m very proud of that young man! Go Edwin and all the other young men!

  4. What I always feel while looking at the United States is that society is too rough, scary, harsh, and dangerous. Everyone is rough and cannot afford it. The streets and buildings of the United States are not romantic at all. How can they live in such a world?

  5. blame the city and goverment cops other city and town loved they people like LA you gotta be rich to live there talking about chicago foos just want to kill like nah they dont want too its a must just like misstreating firing people open fhese foos eyes now they got one of source of money one thiing the city started for them it wont stop as long it brings money

  6. No comparison between war in Chicago and war in Iraq and Afghanistan! Over there we had to worry about IEDs, car bombs, artillery shellings, suicide bombers and MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BEHEAD YOU! I've been on both sides and Chicago doesn't come close to real war.

  7. 50:00 these programs doing their best to do something that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT did for the white immigrants in the early 1900s and DID NOT DO for black Americans. In fact the federal government supported and allowed the destruction of any positive gains the black community did when they actually pulled themselves up by the boot straps then got lynched, kidnapped, false imprisonment, drugs flooded to the streets, dismantle any political and civil rights movements they bestowed upon themselves. This country in every single definition of the word is against the black community.

  8. So basically there sayin welfare was a choice that most choose to live off of so who fault is that now it’s every one else fault but the one that choose to run the man off to live off the state

  9. it isn't poverty,their downfall is literally envy and gang mentality,you can't tell someone who knows that black guys don't naturally dislike eachother and what they have,and it starts there,and alot of times ends in violence..Get away

  10. Yeah but the republicans in the White House right after Obama won, went on national tv to basically declare WAR on anything Obama did, they said THEY WOULD NOT be ALLOWED ANY NEW Bill to pass from Obama. That they would kill before it would reach thr desk. At the time I was watching fox news, I am not Republic nor democrat. I vote for whoever I like…but this announcement from the Republic party shocked me, sorry I was 23 at the time and I thought they all worked together for the better for the USA, I truly had no idea that Republicans could be careless about it it it the people. they put themselves first

  11. When I saw those young black men smile in the Fire house with a sense of belonging and achievement it made me emotional.
    Everyone deserves a chance and to feel wanted and worth something.
    EVERYONE whatever colour or background x

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