Are you visiting San Francisco for the first time and only have 24 hours? I got you covered! In this video, I take you on a day trip to some of my favorite viewpoints around town and where to get the best cheap eats! Let me know in the comments what your perfect day in SF looks like, and I’ll include it in my next video 🙂

Where to eat in San Francisco:
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  1. 2021: Besides for a lot of places missing, walking alone in any of these places may result in getting mugged.

  2. There is more to do in San Francisco like for example riding the cable car, pier 39, the sea lions and more………….

  3. Watching this tonight, 2 years later, after that has happened, brought me to tears. I can only hope to see my city like that again <3

  4. I’ve lived in San Francisco since 1967. You’ve shown me some restaurants I wasn’t aware. Now to see the status of some of the restaurants since the Pandemic. Great video. I’ve also posted this on the site I’m involved in for cruising. Thanks for your work & a big thanks to the photographer who we never see. 😀👍

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