What it's really like to live in San Francisco (one year later)

my unfiltered, honest review of what life is actually like in SF.

not trying to sell you on the city, not trying to create any propoganda for San Francisco, just providing my lens of what your first year of living there may look like. i can’t possibly speak for the hugely diverse array of voices in the city, just offering my perspective.

Gentrification resources:

My SF apartment hunt:

What I spend in a month in SF:

Organizations building a better SF to donate your time/resources to:
– Mutual aid:
– Anti-displacement:
– Anti-eviction mapping project:




0:00 – welcome
0:21 – weather
1:29 – ease of making friends
2:02 – walkability
2:43 – transportation
3:32 – parks
4:12 – industry/jobs
5:06 – culture
6:04 – gentrification
6:38 – housing
7:50 – food
9:03 – outdoorsiness
9:42 – cost of living
11:16 – politics
11:44 – nightlife
12:29 – a weekend in SF
13:28 – closing thoughts
14:15 – disclaimer

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  1. Thank you for the breakdown, I'm looking at UCSF for grad school after I leave the army, so this gives me a good idea about what I'm looking for budget wise! If you have any recommendations for cheap groceries and utilities I would love to hear about it! Thanks!

  2. My favorite place to spend the day is the Botanical Garden. There are also lots of good restaurants nearby in the Inner Sunset. I don't care much for Dolores Park or the Mission. I prefer Golden Gate Park, the Sunset & Richmond, and the Haight (where I live).

  3. Love how a few seconds of you saying you're a white women with privilege seemed to trigger straight white men for stating the fact. Stay mad with your feelings while killing off kids in your covid infected state guys

  4. I have been to San Fran three times, once for one day , another time for one night weekend stay. I loved being at the wharf area with all the food, sight seeing, doing the ferry trip tour to alcatraz and seeing the big bridge 🌉. I really loved going to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory with really good ice cream and goodies ( yes in a sweet toothed, lol). I had to say the center of the city made me uncomfortable though. I rarely ever visited metropolis areas , so once I rode with my friend though the center part of the city in the late afternoon and it was pretty dark where we were at. That freaked me out.

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