What Happens To NYC’s 3.2 Million Tons Of Trash | Big Business

New York City is one of the most wasteful cities in the world. But none of its trash is actually processed in NYC. It’s sent to waste-to-energy facilities and landfills as far away as Ohio and South Carolina. It takes a vast network of sanitation workers, trucks, trains, cranes, and barges — and $429 million a year — to get it there.

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What Happens To NYC’s 3.2 Million Tons Of Trash | Big Business


  1. If it's star wars and it's good I'm taking it home!! Lmao atta boy star wars rocks!!! 🤣 your wife is still gonna kill you tho bro!! Lol

  2. "You get immune and don't smell garbage." I said the same thing when I worked for a septic company. I got immune to the smell.

  3. When they mention Ohio , I live just down the road from one that NY Sends it to, Was an old surface coal mine turned into landfill. Perry Reclamation

  4. We are importing those plastic trash and reproduce them into photo frames, plastic bottles etc. Please contact me if you have the resource.

  5. So some of the trash becomes Energy for electricity. How to how do they decide which stuff goes where from the stuff the girls to Staten Island to the stuff the girls to other states?

  6. So what states do the other states take the garbage to if New York is taking theirs to all these other states to be recycled and burned?

  7. I see jobs like this and think, damn will we have people to actually do this in the next 20+ years? Every child now a days wants to be a content creator or gamer

  8. On Christmas I give my trash man 50 Dollars and baked goods and load them up with Gatorade in the summer months

  9. We always hear about environmental problems, clean energy, recycling, global warming, and more,but nobody actually doing anything good. Governments talk, corporations talk, universities talk but in the reality, they don't change anything to solve problems. Last 50 years,I have been hearing the same things over and over. And everything is getting worst. Governments, politicians, corporations, businesses tell shinny words that people, consumers want to hear then they do everything the same.

  10. It seems very sophisticated, high technology, very useful, very green operation, actually very primitive, useless. Money wasting, environmentally disastrous operation. It doesn't solve anything but creates more problems.NYC's trash should create enough energy for the USA, even for the whole world (of course the others have trash too). First separate trash. Don't burn everything. Use, multiplying energy system to increase your output. This is going to multiply incoming energy by 1000X.1million X,10 trillion X, and more
    So. You are going to get more energy than you needed for NYC, NY State, even for the USA.
    I would take NYC trash, instead of $100 Billion, because I am going to make more money than $100 Billion every year.

  11. Please stop trashing more n more folks to keep our environment, community and departments that work tirelessly to get rid of our waste. The future has to be more cleaner rather then messy.

  12. ohio, pensilvanya, south carolina and the sea… Most of the trash gets shipped out to africa and/or just the middle of the sea.

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