We Ate The Most Iconic Foods In Boston On A $50 Budget

How far can your dollar go in Boston? Taryn Varricchio tries as many of the city’s iconic foods as possible on a $50 budget. From a lobster roll at Quincy market to a cannoli from Mike’s Bakery to a hotdog at Fenway Park, Taryn tastes all of Boston’s most popular foods.

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We Ate The Most Iconic Foods In Boston On A $50 Budget


  1. Boston Food in $50 or less:

    – Classic jumbo- egg and cheese sandwich and broadsheet coffee from Bagelsaurus-$10
    – Boston cream pie and hot chocolate at Flour Bakery-$10

    – Chili dog and Raspberry Lime Rickey at Sullivan’s on Castle Island-$10
    – Massive slice of pizza and a drink at Ernesto’s Pizzeria $10

    – Sam Adams tour and with a pint included in a commemorative glass-$10
    – A flight of beers at Aeronaut Brewing Co. $10

    – Fish and chips with french fries and a cup of clam chowder at Courthouse seafood for $12
    – House hand-pulled noodle soup at Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe $10

    After dinner outing:

    Ice cream at Honeycomb creamery under $10
    A house cocktail and live Irish music at the Burren in Somervile $10

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  3. the best thing you can do is ask a local to help you, I barely go to Boston but luckily my cousins are native Bostonians so I get all the good spots that don't destroy my wallet

  4. lobster roll, chowder, cannoli are maybe quintessential new england experience so I'm ok with that; but, the beer and hotdog was the most unnecessary food purchase

  5. Bova Bakery on Salem St. has the best cannoli. Mikes aren't as fresh, they are pre made and sitting in the displays getting soggy. Should have gone to Regina's whilst in the North End to have authentic Italian and the best pizza from the oldest pizzeria in the U.S. And maybe just A lobster roll OR a giant bowl of chowder. And to have tried an appetizer of oysters at Union Oyster House with a Sam Adams at a reasonable price. Seems you were a bit spendthrift-y with your $50 That's my 2 cents' worth.

  6. Ur on a budget yet you went to Quincy Market? You made a mistake by doing that because u literally just went to one of the biggest tourist place in Boston

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