Walking in the Rain in Boston, MA (Binaural Rain on Umbrella Sounds in Beacon Hill) 4k ASMR

Evening walk in Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts in the rain. Enjoy the binaural sounds of natural rainfall and city ambience while walking through Beacon Hill during Autumn. Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s most picturesque areas. Boston is beautiful around this time of the year. I love the Fall foliage. Please be warned that the video contains sounds of loud horns, traffic and sirens. Depending who you are you might find relaxing, but I’m aware that some hate it. Also, This video is an edited down version of a 4-hour walk. Either way, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Everything in the video is filmed and recorded on location.

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  1. I just want to say thank you so much for the 200k that clicked the subscribe button. I'm very thankful for all of you. For everything 🙂

  2. I did the whole Freedom Trail last Sunday in Boston Nice Fall weather and no rain lol Love all the Halloween decorations

  3. I guess this is where the rich Bostonians leave. It could be the equivalent of Pacific Heights in San Francisco or Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. I am sure the rest of the city doesn't look like this. The rest of the city may have a strong homeless population like S.F. and L.A.

  4. Огромное спасибо чудесному, терпеливому автору за это медитативное видео!

  5. Harika. Mimarisi binaların düzeni, rengi, yaprakları dökülen ağaçlar adeta bir tablo. Bayıldım. Yağmurda Boston sokaklarında yürümek çok isterdim.

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