Waleska & Efra react to Juan Karlos – Boston (Official Music Video)🔊👀

Sup people!
Here’s what we think of @juan karlos and hyis wonderful new song “BOSTON” ✨👌
Watch the full video here:

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Wlsk xoxo & Efra 🙂



  1. he came from a broken family hes father left them, then at the early age his mother died, and his grandmother take care of him, i dont know the latest if hes grandma is still alive… he have so much pain in him,

  2. He has so much pain. He transforms into beautiful art probably as a kind of catharsis, a way of coping as many artist do. One can sense the depth of his music without even knowing his story.

  3. I saw the BTS of that music video. Its kind of hard because the mic has extension thing and tied up to his body. Its kind of heavy and he was sitting at the edge while the cary is running

  4. Lyrics i got from the description box from the music video

    Kalimutan natin ang ating nakaraan

    Pilit mang isipin di tayo nakalaan

    Inaaming minsay aking iniisip

    Ang mga bagay na maaaring naging

    Mga ilang taon narin ang nakaraan

    Kay dami nagpapabagabag sa isipan

    Pano kaya kung hindi ako nag showbusiness

    Kasama kaya kita ngayon sa Masachusetts


    Inaaming minsay aking iniisip

    Kung naging tayo kung di ka lang umalis

    Hinuhukay ko ang yong libingan

    Ibaon sa nakaraan

    Hinuhukay ko ang yong libingan

    Ibaon sa nakaraan

    Hinuhukay ko ang yong libingan

    Ibaon sa nakaraan

    Hinuhukay ko ang yong libingan

    Ibaon sa nakaraan

    Nuon pa dapat kita kinalimutan

    Ibaon ka sa nakaraan, paalam

  5. If you're interested to listen to the Philippine national anthem in acapella then search for Broadway & Disney Legend Lea Salonga sings the national anthem of the Philippines.

  6. That was great! I'm glad he found his calling. I mean he KNEW he wanted to sing, but things were unsure when he started. He was also made to act, but I sensed that something just wasn't that right. He probably enjoyed it but he didn't seem happy to me. But look at him now! He is making his own waves. I didn't know he had THIS talent in him. I hope he keeps making songs and singing. I hope he doesn't fall into any of those bad habits/vices that a lot of celebrities fall into. He seems like a sensitive boy, hopefully not vulnerable. I wish him the best.

    BTW, my guess is he is riding a pickup truck.

  7. Please watch and react to Seventeen Rolling Stone Performance . Each unit sang their song.
    Vocal Unit – Pinwheel
    Hip-hop Unit – Trauma
    Performance Unit – Lilili Yabbay

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