Violence will stop businesses from coming to Chicago, poll finds

Tom Serafin joins Good Day Chicago to explain the survey by Serafin Power Poll that claims violence will stop businesses coming to Chicago.

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  1. Poor parenting and family planning is the #1 cause of all of this. It creates more poverty and crime thrives in that environment.

  2. Thanks captain obvious, next you will tell us cold weather will keep people indoors.

  3. I guess you could open up a business that sells embalming fluid. Or urns if you prefer cremation.

  4. Build a wall around that gang infested city .. no one enter no one leave " ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK" ring a bell?!

  5. The Democratic Party poisons everything it touches. Look at Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, NYC, D.C., Baltimore, Illinois, California, etc.etc.etc.etc.
    The platform of The DNC is National Socialism (NAZIism) as a transitional stage to Communism. But first, they need to destroy the existing systems of Representative Democracy and Capitalist prosperity.

  6. worry if there no more stores or businesses Everything will be closing if this criminal and gang violence keeps happening that the city can be a ghost town. And good citizens will be moving out headed out of town.

  7. How many decades has Chicago been under Democrat rule.?? These people continue to vote for it, they can rot in it, for all I care…

  8. Who is causing all these problems in all these Cities across America , Oh that's we are not aloud to say ! Can we say the Amish ?

  9. Business owners should just find out which gang owns the turf their businesses on and then hire that gang to protect the business. Simple.

  10. Business owners should just find out which gang owns the turf their businesses on and then hire that gang to protect the business. Simple

  11. Years and years and years of democrat rule have destroyed this city and virtually all of the other large crime-ridden cities in America. When are voters going to put their feelings and emotions aside and vote for law and order?

  12. The voters have no choices in IL! (except to vote with their feet).. The candidates are similar within 1% variation, so no matter what, they are voting for the same outcomes. Decades on the same course, apparently with Gary IN as the end goal.
    No candidates that would or could make major changes are even allowed on the ballot.
    So no, you can't blame those in power (aka puppets), or even the voters, but instead need to blame the Illinois machine for holding a lock on this course.

  13. Mayor Lootfoot plays the blame game. She is to busy with the lgbt community, changing street names and defunding police.

  14. I wish surveys like this would lower my rent, though. If businesses are pulling out, you'd think that would result in more affordable housing.

  15. Thanks to the Communist Democrats I don't blame businesses moving away who wants to be in the place we could walk in and steal or get shot you can thank Lori Lightfoot for that AKA Beetlejuice

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