1. Can anyone recommend a place for me to get some rims? Please and thank you. Outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is where i am located. Will travel or pay for shipping.

  2. I'm a few vlogs behind, but I'm catching up !!! 1st & foremost @CJ_ON_32S YOU CAN'T be a quitter, YOU CAN'T be a loser, YOU CAN'T go back to your old lifestyle, YOU CAN'T give up on your passion !!! If you NEED to take 1 day, 1 week, 1 month off to clear your mind, rest your body, & handle your personal business, then by all means good brother go & do what's best for you & the real #32Gang🤘🏿 will understand & still support the movement !!! All love from Camden, NJ 💪🏿💙💪🏿 !!!

  3. The smile on your face when you pulled him on the freeway PRICELESS! Saw the kid in you come out! One love CJ and thanks for the inspiration! It's up! #32Gang😆💯

  4. Mental health is real my brother and their is nothing wrong with taking care of you first. Take a little time out and away from everything. ☝🏾

  5. Stunna C8 Krazy Stupid.❗❗❗❗
    Love the Color Combo (Ketchup & Mustard)
    Kappa Official 👌🏿❌👌🏿

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