Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Chicago, Illinois

The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT move to Chicago, Illinois and the worst things you NEED to know before moving to the Windy City!

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What’s it like living in Chicago? Well, for starters, it’s cold and windy as it sits right on Lake Michigan. It’s also, behind only New York and Los Angeles, the 3rd largest city in America, but despite this is still one of the most underrated cities to move to in the United States. But Illinois is also one of the most corrupt states to live in, and crime is a big issue. If this is the biggest city in the Midwest, with so many amenities and things to do, then why shouldn’t you live in Chicago, Illinois?

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  1. 1,000 LIKES for Detroit? Despite it's flaws, Chicago is still probably my favorite big city in the country and a place everyone NEEDS to visit at some point in their lives.
    Which City do YOU want me to cover NEXT?! (And I'm finalizing the Top 10 Best Small Cities list too, so that should be out SOON!)

  2. I've lived in some of the "best places to live" both in the States and overseas. Currently, I am in New Zealand (have lived in both the North island and South island) and can tell you Chicago is actually the best place I've ever lived. There are many opportunities there. It's affordable, has excellent options for healthcare, there are good schools, always something to do, great food, high salaries, beautiful parks, etc.

  3. I only agree with the fact that Chicago is corrupted, but the rest on the list is a struggle in every world class city really, I mean NYC is cold as balls during the winter, yeah their weather is warmer than us by 5 degrees and people say it’s so much warmer in New York lol, jobs in NYC hmmmm don’t get me even started..
    I live in Chicago and I encourage people to move here, it’s beautiful and affordable for a big city and you actually get to live 4 seasons, also in the winter, there are so many indoor activities happening in the city, theater, concerts…etc and bars and restaurants are packed and vibrant..FLY THE W

  4. I've been up there at 4x . My gf is from there.. and my friends went back to the flea markets and Chinese embassy, I'm only going for the pizza and the food but I will not go back there again.. Wisconsin is worth visiting though

  5. all the butter fly and apple pie comments are nice, but when a person cannot utilzr 100% of the city parks, forest preserves etc…all the people who work downtown…..don't live there , they take 100 commuter trains in early and the same at night. no easy asnwer, residents who actually own property and businss's got a huge tax bill to pay, i got out while the gettin was good…i was 22 yrs old i 1982 and lived at 83rd and western. ( charles carroll elementray school )i sought green pastures and real opertunity, i hated the system of having to know someone to get a job, went to school/ vovational etc….and retired at 49 ( i was five-0 ) for 36 yrs.

  6. Also there are sooo many nature reserves that are sprinkled into the suburbs. I understand that they aren’t in Chicago, but other cities and the their suburbs/metro areas don’t have as many nature reserves.

  7. I lived in the Northwest Side (Portage Park) for three years while in the Navy. Fantastic people with midwest friendliness and values. Any city is what you make of it. All the sports make the winters go fast. Just an amazing place. Fly to Midway Airport if you visit. Go Blackhawks!

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