This Is What $1,500 Per Month Gets You In San Francisco VS Los Angeles

Today we are exploring what $1500 gets you in San Francisco VS Los Angeles!

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Today’s video we are taking a look at two of the most popular cities in California to live in, Los Angeles and San Francisco. They are only a 5 hour drive from each other- but very different cities! I found that in Los Angeles in general you get a lot more space and amenities. In San Francisco, you do get more convenience of walking to things, and really cool old buildings with a lot of character. Which city do you like better?! Comment below!


  1. San Francisco before pandemic: SUPER expensive
    San Francisco now: still expensive but at a discount.

  2. You'd be surprised! L.A., has more gorgeous places like that! They just don't advertise! Who'd move? 😅 Beautiful apartment and tour! Thanks!!

  3. The Los Angeles/ Hollywood rental is absolutely not typical in LA . Expect to pay a lot more for this . Trust me.

  4. There should be more regulation on how much you could charge for RENTING, not owning, these homes.

  5. With that kind of money in Africa, you can rent a mega mansion in the most protected gated community,

  6. Great place. You ladies are creative and Real. You provided great insight. Great Job.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Sucks that if you live in San Fransisco you essentially have to move in with two other people if you don’t make like 40 bucks an hour lol

  8. Yeah you are right. LA is expensive and so is NYC but in Silicon valley, you would be lucky to get a decent size apartment by yourself. Usually people split rents with 2-3 other roomies and in rare cases, just one roomie.

  9. Is it just me or is the real estate industry gouging? Motel 6 was begun in the 1970's and their nightly rate was … $6. Super 8 followed a few years later … and their nightly rate was $8. Is the real estate industry corrupted? We know about Cendant, now Realogy, and takeovers of Century 21, Coldwell Banker, and ERA Realty brokers. Noone was ever questioned about the Cendant debacle. Maybe it was scene as a "green light" for their mafia-esque practices. Cendant owned, among it's vast empire, hotels, car rentals, Orbitz, and … a thing called, "Casino Credit".

  10. Wow! Just wow 🤩 I want that second apartment rent in Hollywood 🤭😍

  11. You know the rent prices are insane when they all have roommates and one bathroom like damn I prefer my own space thanks😳😬

  12. that apartment is CLASSIc SF… I was born there AND, I lived right down the street from there on California

  13. блин, ничего не понятно. ужас как она разговаривает это что английский? где такие слова как дор виндоу тейбл там пэн какой-нибудь как в школе учили….

  14. If I had the money I'd be over there in America mortgaging those properties and tehn renting them out to all you influencers. Such easy money.

  15. I'm afraid the guy renting in LA has got some ego to pay more for a space that he has no privacy too. His house mate can hear all that goes on up in the mezzanine space, he calls his own.

  16. The LA property is a conversation, that I'm afraid to say, has wasted a lot of space. It looks like you could have had 3 floors in that space. The ceilings are that high. Also why do single people always have double beds in America when there is only one person sleeping in the bed? Also could you explain why do you not have the idea, in America, to purchase your own property and move up the property ladder. Your giving your rent to others and making them rich and you never move on?

  17. The L.A. apt is a steal for the amount of space, setup, and location. It’s rare. I did not like the SF apt as it looks old. 1 bath is a non-starter.

  18. I live in SF and not all places are like this. SF doesn't even have 1 mil residents as compared to LA's 4 mil. LA is a by far larger city not including surrounding cities and everything is spreadout. SF is only like 46.6 square miles and very dense in size to build. The less space the more it costs. I wouldn't live in LA if you paid me.

  19. In San Francisco you have the free Google bus to Mountain View; and in L.A. you got the 405 and an hour in traffic. Pick your poison

  20. I had a Nice Size 1 bedroom apartment at 1440 Clay street with a view of the Golden gate bridge and a huge roof top patio too .and a back stair case all for $775.00 a month . I could of used this Apartment as a Two bedroom also by turning the living room into another bedroom .

  21. I used to pay $700.00 a month for a Two Bedroom apartment at 742 Castro street with Two working Fireplaces . with a garden in the back and a view of the city from the living room windows . All with a Private entrance too .

  22. San Francisco is the most expensive City in the world the rent cost 5 times more than what we Earn in India

  23. is the la landlord his mom or sugar daddy? that place is extremely under priced. it LOOKS like. 2400 sq ft or so. really its 2 apartments combined

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