The nWo Los Angeles Reveal 4th Member (WWE Games Story)

The nWo extend their dominance on Raw by adding the fourth man to their ever-growing faction. A former world champion, this superstar will add a whole new dimension to nWo Los Angeles in the WWE.

Special thanks to:
1. Executive Producer: Element Games
2. Associate Editor: LarasLawyer
3. Mystery Return by ALCLegacy
4. nWo 4th man & John Morrison with custom hair by JoeMashups. Big thanks to Joe for coming through with this custom Morrison on short notice.
5. Joe’s Batista updated by GE
6. Reshade by YudaGaming
7. United States Title by LynchReborn
8. Bow Wow by CAWLife
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Awesome custom nWo Themes by HeartBreakKidDmitriy

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