The DON'TS of New York (a MUST WATCH before visiting or living here)!

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I normally talk about the best things to do in NYC but today I’m covering the “don’ts” of the city! What would you say is a “don’t” of NYC?

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  1. sneakers are my best friend in the city. Bring the fancy shoes with you if you wanna change, but for the love of god don't wear them to walk around in. Even my sneakers weren't broken in enough, fractured my foot and hobbled around the city. Also, City Blocks are different than your own blocks most likely so pace yourself.

  2. im from montreal and we are the same when it comes to people asking us for directions. we have so many people trying to scam us or asking for money which is why we look grumpy and ignore people.

  3. What baffles me about the tipping is it assumes that hospitality staff are the only low paid workers.

    What about the factory worker on minimum wage who can barely afford rent but does not benefit from tipping given the role isn’t consumer facing?

  4. And DEFINITELY for New Yorkers being friendly. IMO, New Yorkers are some of the most helpful people out there. We might ignore 99% of things because we're busy and have places to be/things to do, but when it comes down to it, we are VERY helpful/nice.

  5. Originally from LI — I moved to VA and would tell people that if you just walk confidently like you're supposed to be there, 9 times out of 10, people won't question you and they would always freak out but it DOES work. I lived in the city for 2 years. Great tips!

  6. Im just trying to wrap my head around that you´re showing the lovely entrance of the Library Hotel (1min:07s), however this is at Manhattan, 299 Madison Ave, at E.41st Street, New York City. So why are you showing this at the same time as you are referring to staying at Long Island. And WHERE on long island are you recommending hotels? Brooklyn?

  7. I get the idea of tipping to an extent but why is it on customers to pay the wages of restaurant/bar staff? Why don't the business owners just pay good wages? Also, why would I tip if the service is terrible?

  8. I don’t mind tipping if the service is good. But, when people feel entitled to a tip even when they suck at their job, it’s like screw that.

  9. In North Carolina. nodding at strangers, casual "'morning" raised hand on the steering wheel when driving by, is expected. "not speaking" is seen as very rude. Different culture…

  10. I am staying at the Conrad in mid-town but want to use local diners for breakfast, can you recommend any close to our hotel as my wife is disabled.

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