Short movie about one of my favourite cities Boston (exploring the city). Also filmed some aerial pieces with my DJI Phantom 4 !

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Rise by RHYVEM (
No Limit by Ukiyo (
For Love by XIXX (


  1. 👎🏻Six worst places to live in the USA 🇺🇸 1. New Jersey 2. Massachusetts 3. New York 4. Minnesota 5. Michigan 6. Illinois

  2. I live in massachussets and was born in boston i love it here its great to see visitors in my state and city Boston Ma For Life!!!!

  3. I'm considering moving to Boston for college from Europe so wanted to get a feel for the city, and your video did just that, thank you sm!! 🙂

  4. Alladan habar. BOSTON jana jaye Taimyr aeroporty. Prezident OOH Akzer Qajy AllA Bekzatova OOH Таймыр Taimyr

  5. Boston de noche se parece bastante a Lima aunque no lo admitan ecuatorianos jaja acepten la realidad Lima es mil veces mejor que Ecuador y aunque les duela Lima y Boston están por ahí compitiendo

  6. I love Boston the absolute capital of New England full of true Irish immigration history that gave America itself its tallest true brave man in its history: John F.K.

  7. Boston is my favorite city in America because the odd side street numbers ascend and the even side descends.

  8. One of my favourite cities to visit ever. So much history, super easy to get around, great bars, great sports, and a combination of Irish and Italian – whats not to love ?

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