When You're Good to Mama ~Queen Latifah (Chicago, 2002)

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the KEEPER of the KEYS, the countess of the clink, the mistress of murderers row : Matron Mama Morton! ‘Ask any of the chickes in my pen, they’ll tell you: I’m the biggest mother hen; I love them all and all of them love me, because the system works; the… Continue reading When You're Good to Mama ~Queen Latifah (Chicago, 2002)

Watch Sky News live

Watch Sky News live. Today’s top stories: First lab tests suggest antibodies from the Pfizer vaccine may be up to 40 times less effective against Omicron than the original COVID strain, Boris Johnson is facing a furious backlash after footage emerged of Number 10 officials joking and laughing about a Christmas party in Downing Street… Continue reading Watch Sky News live