Sen. Kennedy: Pelosi looking to give GOP a fair and impartial 'firing squad'

Louisiana Republican says the house speaker would take home gold medal if partisanship was an Olympic sport. #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime

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  1. The way to understand Democrats is to realize that they constantly self project themselves. It explains all of the delusional things about them, like their inability to see the hypocrisy and irony in themselves. They are at war with reality, confused, frustrated, angry, and prone to violence. They refuse to accept any of this about themselves, but project it onto those they disagree with. We see it over and over again.

  2. Did Speaker Pelosi have prior knowledge of events which took place on Jan 6th? and do nothing about it!
    Would she actually allow those crimes to be committed only then to try to blame President Trump?

  3. The Republican party is no more ….no conservatives under trump. Demonizing the democrats (like their so innocent)is all these people are good for…..

  4. It's self-fulfilling prophecy for anti-Americans (mainly Dem Socialist Party, BLM, Antifa, anarchists, leftists). Their utter lack of respect for themselves & all institutions given to us by God Himself (volition; nationalism/military; marriage between one man & one woman; & the family unit) results in the very same things they hate. They are what they hate, & they're miserable creatures.
    Read God's Word to His creation (that be us), the Holy Bible. He gives us every answer we need through Jesus Christ: love, hope, help in every area of life, salvation & freedom from guilt, happiness, love, & eternal life.

  5. "Jusy SAY something was corrupt about the election …and we'll handle the rest" "I need you to find x-number of votes , which is one more than I already have" ….trump is toast ….marmalade toast. Traitor .

  6. Maybe Kennedy needs to spend a bit more time actually helping his own state rather than shill for Fox
    Louisiana Rankings Scorecard

    #46 Health Care
    #48 Education
    #47 Economy
    #47 Infrastructure
    #48 Opportunity
    #42 Fiscal Stability
    #50 Crime

  7. Overturn the election. Arrest Nancy Pelosi. Save America.  Save the world. Trump is our real lawful president.  The Democrats has consistently committed treason across the board. . Impeach and arrest  the Democrats, MSM, big tech and the one called rinos……..

  8. how does democrats get blamed for january 6th domestic terrorism? trump lied and said trump were hugging and kissing capitol police!!!!!! republican congress does not want to learn the domestic terrorists and be morons who can be lied to. . . fox news has proven morons are easy to lie to.

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