School shooting suspect’s grandfather: ‘It still hasn’t sunk in’ l ABC News

Rolando Reyes spoke to ABC News’ Matt Gutman about his grandson, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

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  1. Not one of them babies bullied that coward he didn’t want a fight that’s why he targeted innocent defenseless babies he deserves to b shot the same way he did then babies

  2. How did the family not notice $10,000 worth of firearms, ammunition, and magazines in that little house? Ramos had 1,600 rounds and the magazines to put them in, that by itself is $3,000. No job, no credit, no bank account, no car, no money, but over $10,000 in state of the art weaponry. Something is wrong with this picture and very wrong.

  3. He didn't know his birthday and didn't celebrate it with him. He didn't know anything about why he was kicked out of school and his mom's house. His wife and grandson are freshly dead and he has no emotion. This is a disturbing glimpse into a weird family.

  4. So many grandparents these days are raising grandchildren because tge parents are criminals and/or drug addicts and/or mentally ill. Then when said grandchild goes off the rails many people blame the grandparents.

  5. He never talk with the grandson, he never talk about why he leave school. He said the grandson just turned 16 or something. He has a criminal record. The mother is addict. Now it is clear.

  6. I’m going to keep it 100%’ This kid had problems at home..not letting grandpa off the hook. Maybe he wasn’t bullied at school but there were problems in his home life, if you listen carefully to the interview.

    When reporter asked, why is he (shooter) living with you instead of his mother, grandpa kinda mumbled “ he had problems there at home.” Grandpa has criminal record and was not supposed to be around guns. So why was this young killer living with his grandpa who had criminal record and not with his mother of father? Grandpa could not get him (killer) to go to flag! This kid was a bad a$$ and rotten all along and was just basically turned lose on public by his parents and grandpa to what ever he wanted to do..result 19 dead kids! God dam shame! How the hell you have a teenager in your house not going to school and you as the adult are not monitoring him at all? Parents and grandpa should be criminally liable in this case, IMO.

  7. I hate weapons! You can't be around weapons or you get in trouble! Yes I hate them! Huh interesting….

  8. Y'all are championing for The grandfather smfh …..the grandfather looks demonic to me and low key satanic….. he know something! No emotion or remorse in those eyes


    Just like the killer

  9. The killer is defintely half demon possessed (look at all the deliverance videos where demons manifest & start talking & u know) & he has severe mental illness. But this is no excuse. His mum did not raise him well. N plus he was badly bullied in school (no excuse either). The american schools have a lot of bullying incidents which causes youth to have hatred and turn to violence. If you look at previous school shootings in the past, a lot of killers were victims of bullying before turning murderers. People with hatred and feel that society hates them will unknowingly allow satan & demons to enter their body, mind & spirit. Look at supernatural life deliverance, tb joshua & hungry gen deliverance & you will understand. But no excuse for killing innocent kids, teacher & your own grandma. All these problems start from the root cause (bullying, ferling unloved, allowing anyone to buy guns & parents did not raise the kid well) & explodes like a chain effect onto innocent civilians who die.

  10. I Honestly Don't Know One Family Without A Certain Level Of Disfunction…We Are So Often Strangers To People We Share DNA With….Pass A Law That Children & Teenagers Can't Have Access To Guns Unless An Adult Is With Them Every Second!!..You Can't Even Leave Them Alone For One Second With A Gun & Make It A Felony To Sell Weapons Of Any Kind To A Child Or Teenager!!!!..2 Years In Prison If You Sell A Weapon To Anyone Under The Age Of 20!!!…We Don't Even Know Our Own Children & Our Grandchildren We Have Children & We Often Don't Even Have Any Contact With Them After A Relationship Ends…If This Kid Hadn't Been Allowed To Buy Weapons 19 Children Would Be Starting Summer Vacation & Their Teachers Summer Break!!!..Many Problems Have Complicated Solutions….Selling Weapons Of Mass Murderer Isn't One Of Them…Greg Abbott Ted Cruz John Cornyn The NRA CPAC TRUMP & THE REPUBLICAN PARTY Have Blood On Their Hands & Money 💰 To Clean The Blood Off Their Hands!!!! ✋….THE MAJORITY MUST ELECT PROBLEM SOLVERS Instead Of Politicians Who Profit From The Death Of Innocent Americans Ever Single Day Across The Entire Country!!!!..Don't Turn A Blind Eye Because Your Family May Be The Next Breaking News About Gun Violence In America #SCREAMBLOODYMURDER ❤🤍💙

  11. So him and the mother have NO IDEA this kid wanted to kill other kids? B******. There are clues in behavior. Even the mother said "he had reasons". What reasons?! What did the cops find when they searched his room???

  12. I love how the grandfather motions to the house when he says “if I knew he had guns” as if to say he knew they were in the house. I wish better questions were asked… but I swear if the grandfather shrugged his shoulders one more time? He was giving BS answers “no we never had a conversation” just a quoteI held him in my arms and stuff like that”? Wtf? It wouldn’t occur to ask “so the grandmother took him to Applebee’s for his birthday? Why didn’t you go gramps?” Did he have an appointment with the dentist? Our fourth estate is a joke… and by the way what was the grandfather on probation for? Murder? So sweet of you to protect his privacy… so you can turn around and yell at the world “what is this world coming to?!“ Everyone just loves to repeat… As if the world needs to be blamed for this ridiculous family hiding behind gun control “ oh yeah when I see all those shootings on the TV? I’m against all that!” he says. Give me a break

  13. Why didn’t he go to school?!? “I don’t know”. breakdown of the family unit is painful to watch.

  14. Do not hate Rolondo. He also has a wife who is critical due to this massacre. His Grand-son was very sick and mental in the mind and progressed it got worst. Prayer prayer prayer, he just as much I’m mourning no different then the victims. I am convinced he would’ve shot this man his grandfather as well smh.

  15. No matter what you gotta have love for the wrongs a family member does it's still blood the kid did a very bad thing poor kids and family but he is still standing tall even though he's gonna be sad and humiliated till death he's still standing by his family

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