1. If you're goin' to San Francisco, be sure to wear some thick boots while you're there

    If you go to San Francisco, mental people and homeless without care

    For those who come to San Francisco, you're gonna smell an odor in the air

    In the streets of San Fransicko, mental people leave feces everywhere

    All across the nation, tales of defecation, mmmm, in streets and the ocean

    There's a bit of fellation and some gay fornication, mmmm, using their lotion, backfields in motion

    For those who cum in San Francisco, be sure to scare a tourist if you dare

    When they come to San Francisco, they're gonna find some semen in their hair

    If you come to San Francisco, you're gonna find you haven't got a prayer

  2. eternally beyond brilliant … the magic of Scott McKenzie messenger of peace & solace … Blessings

  3. this music is magnificent like Grand canyon. (i dont have been to there..)

  4. If you're going to San Francisco..

    you're going to meet some homeless dangerous druggies there..

  5. I'm Korean. At the age of 13, I found out about this song when I saw Sean Connery humming it in the movie The Rock. And even now, when I turned 30, I often watch The Rock again and listen to this song. Sean Connery passed away, but in my memory, he is an action star in The Rock forever.

  6. This was my grandmas favorite song. She died yesterday. I remember her singing along even though she doesn't speak English. She was just so funny and her pronouncing was even funnier and so cute

  7. I've never been San Francisco but I think it must be a wonderful place otherwise this song would not be written.

  8. Chanson de l'annรฉe 1974 quand ont l'ecoutait trรจs souvent un ami de l'universitรฉ amรฉricain de la ville San Francisco m'avait invitรฉ ร  visiter cette ville en annรฉe 1974 j'รฉtais satisfait de celte visite touristique que celte Chanson me rappelle de beaux souvenirs de cette trรจs belle ville dรฉjร  depuis plus de 47 annรฉes comme si c'รฉtait un rรชve, la vie est plus courte que le rรชve ont sent qu'elle รชst trรจs longue mais en rรฉalitรฉ elle est aussi courte que le rรชve vite ont se rรฉveille d'ans un รขge avancรฉ

  9. If you're going to san francisco
    Be sure to wear your biohazard gear
    if you're going to san francisco
    homeless addicts are dumping on the pier

    for those who come to san francisco
    You might robbed in broad daylight there
    in the streets of san francisco
    they'll beat and mug you, then leave you lying bare

    All across the nation, there's a great migration
    Californians in motion
    There's a whole generation, state-to-state immigration
    Californian migration, Californian migration

    For those who come to san francisco
    Be sure to wear your biohazard gear
    If you're going to san francisco
    Homeless addicts will rob you on the pier

    If you come to San Francisco
    They'll smash your car and maybe kill you here

  10. This song was reference in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. When you play the last mission for the badlands after the car races, you go to San Fierro, based of of San Francisco, the first mission is called , are you going to San Fierro, the second one is called wear some flowers in your hair.

  11. This song is perfect when you are driving in San Francisco with your family in a Volkswagen Bus

  12. I Also lived in Alabama in the late 60''s and longed to be in SF to be a part of the hippies movement. Only a few yesrs ago was I able to visit SF, Haight St , its parks and feel the essence and glamour of this lovely place and its gentle people. Listening to this Song is "such a gentle and lovely" feeling. Many thanks to and RIP Scott Mckenzie

  13. Whoโ€™s here because of โ€œThe Many Saints Of Newark?โ€ Great scene with young paulie walnuts haha

  14. Today's lyrics:

    If you're goin to San Francisco
    Be sure to wear 2 bio hazard suits

    If you come to San Francisco
    You'd better wear some knee high rubber boots

    On the streets of San Francisco
    There's going to be a most disgusting funk

    If you come to San Francisco
    You'd better have some Clorox in your trunk

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