San Francisco police release video in deadly shooting of 2 men

Police in San Francisco released body cam video of a May 19 incident that left 2 men dead. In the video, a group of officers were gathered together yelling commands before firing their guns at the men.

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  1. Great job saving the de-escalating.. getting stabbed? Call the cops…….

  2. If you don't want to get shot by police, it's easy. Don't be a criminal with a knife, do what they ask. Don't be on drugs so you don't have a clue what is happening.

  3. Lots of strident comments here….was one guy an innocent taxpayer and the other a dirtbag? Were they both career crims? Just two scared homeless PTSD vets? What? If we don't have the details how can we jump to our own conclusions about what went down?

    Is 2 or 3 cops rushing them with clubs a better option? Worst case one guy gets stabbed anyway and a cop races him off to General. Why do they have to unload every weapon, and center-mass killshot at that? That part is an Academy issue…the same one as ever.

    Still, glad the cops went home at the end of the day. Sad there's never going to be a mental health component of their job for the cops. Sad for all the families & pals affected by this. Sad for society that we have to keep reliving one of the bigger nightmares in human history.

  4. Wait what's the logic in this? Let's kill them so that they don't kill each other 🤔. Americans are obsessed with murder and guns. I cannot believe the comments on this thread. It's satanic and sickening. I really hope these jokers are brought to book. Heathens!

  5. They have tasers why didn't they use them. These cops are a bunch of thugs hiding behind badges.

  6. This is so crazy they were hurting each other not the police I don’t understand it. I learned years ago don’t ask SF police for help even if you are a victim. I was a victim scared waved a cop car down to report what happened the police scared me more stop the car pulled a gun on me. I learned if I’m a victim in SF shut up keep it to myself.

  7. I just don’t understand. If the police officers clearly see the knife and a struggle ensuing between the two then why would you shoot both of them. Why don’t multiple police officers take control of their hands and disarm the knife from them? It’s actually not that difficult. Police in the UK do it all of the time and they don’t need to use guns.

  8. Thanks to the San Francisco police for doing a wonderful job protecting the public from criminals

  9. Yo it’s crazy how people agree with this. They couldn’t have tazed them? They really just unloaded like 9 guns on them dudes.

  10. She's trippen. The attacker deserved to be shot. But, but, when 20 officers show up on scene, that's a waste of tax payer dollars. It's like they all need to be entertained.

  11. I see it’s so many geniuses in the comments. Fk the police and whoever thought killing both men was the only option. They know no one cares about the homeless people. 🫵🏾🐷

  12. Listen to these phone calls from these people. In their eyes the cops should bring guitars and sing kumbaya. So idiotic man it's crazy.

  13. If they're fighting with knives and not attacking you, should you now kill them both? What happened to the preservation of lives?

  14. If the police wouldn't have showed up, maybe at least 1 of the men would be alive. They took both of them out.

  15. The officers did the right thing. There wasn’t any other way. They both did not comply to put their weapons down. Whoever the activist is complaining needs to take that energy and fight against crime on the streets if she cares so much, not the cops trying to fight it.

  16. San Francisco cares more about violent homeless criminals than they do about the children.

  17. I mean dam could of used a tazer or your batons I mean I saw like 4 6 officers a pointing guns somebody 🤔 could of done something they shot both of them not just 1 that was about to stab the other

  18. No mention of the reality that the two perps were engaged in an armed criminal attack and refused to comply with the police.

  19. When it comes to homeless people the cops dont mind killing the man they were sent there to save. Yet will stand around in a hallway while kids get slaughtered. America what a shit hole country you are

  20. they could have shot once.they could have waited it out.theres a million things these pigs could have done. THEY OPENED FIRE ON BOTH OF THEM.thats murder

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