San Francisco: 2021 Crime SURGE / Housing CRASH. Leave NOW!

San Francisco is in trouble. Crime and homelessness are surging. Home prices and rents are collapsing. The city is going through a simultaneous social crisis and Housing Crash. Is there any hope for the future of San Francisco as a city and Real Estate Market?

Mayor London Breed and District Attorney Chesa Boudin say crime and homelessness are stable and that things aren’t getting worse in San Francisco. But from my weekend in the city things appear to be very bad. Retailers like Target are cutting back hours due to high theft. Others like Walgreens are shutting stores entirely. Car break ins are running rampant.

Home Prices across urban San Francisco are tanking, by nearly 10% YoY in certain neighborhoods. 94111, which covers the Embarcadero and the Financial District, has experienced a 7% decline in prices and 15% decline in rents. This is the same neighborhood where my friends had their car broken into.

But perhaps the worst neighborhood across the city is the Tenderloin. This area is where most of San Francisco’s homelessness is concentrated and is also very high crime. Home prices in this neighborhood are down by 5% while rents are down by 17% since June 2020.

The future of urban San Francisco looks grim, especially under current leadership. The local Housing Market still likely has further to fall as most offices remain closed and only 20% of the city is back to work. The lone bright spot is the Bay Area more broadly, where home prices have increased by 15-20% in areas such as Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and Marin County.

But the issues that urban San Francisco is experiencing from a crime, homeless, and real estate perspective could spill over into neighboring areas down the line. That’s why I wouldn’t count on continued real estate appreciation across the suburban Bay Area.

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0:00 San Francisco has Problems
2:05 BIG % Declines in Home Prices
3:32 Financial District is EMPTY
4:39 20% of Office Workers Back: NOT ENOUGH
7:02 Home Price Collapse in the Tenderloin
9:29 WHY is this Happening in SF?
11:13 Target, Walgreens & CVS: Shutting Down!
13:04 Wait…Crime is DOWN in San Francisco?
14:36 San Francisco: Bad for a Long-Time
16:00 Price Appreciation in Suburban Areas
17:27 Housing Crash 2.0 in the Bay Area?

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  1. God, the people around 10:30 'why are you filming here?' are annoying. How about mind your own damn business, it isn't illegal to film yourself in front of a wall in public? And the district attorney's idea just to not punish criminals sounds extremely stupid.

  2. The price decrease is a load of sh** and honestly very upsetting

    I've been looking non stop In sf and I've been outbid everytime

    I'm looking on 5 different sites and the pricing has all gone up not down
    Notice how he didn't give a source for this numbers
    All he is doing making the demand even worse in a city where we have almost the largest homelessness bx someone will see this and think let's go back to sf

    I'm going to unsub you have lost all Credibility with me

  3. SanFranciscans: when fleeing your beligured city of San Francisco, do not relocate to North Idaho, if you do we will take you and convert you to the dreaded conservatives mindset, where we have good trustworthy police, a well-kept and pristinely clean environment full of fresh air and swimmable Waters, and and kind and welcoming but fiercely conservative freedom loving people

  4. Californians, move to Idaho! We moved here in late 2020 and if we knew it’s that nice and affordable here, we should’ve considered long time ago. It’s beautiful here, not much traffic and clean. Housings are starting around 400k, lots of job opportunities!

  5. Can anybody tell me: what benefits does a city have when crimes like these are not being persecuted? It does not make any sense to me. I think the city is corrupt. People will leave, the rents and house prices go down, the economy will decline, it honestly doesnt benefit anyone except that maybe rent goes down but who wants to live there with such a high amount of crime?

  6. I actually don't think this is going to be permanent. I still have a hard time bidding for a property there. San Francisco has problems that are much more complex than you described, speaking from someone who has lived there for over 20 years. Tenderloin is always bad. It's like one of those pockets that every city has. There have been many ups and downs in the area, but SF always comes back as a diverse, vibrant, and ambitious city and tech center.

  7. With all respects but this kind of crime is not indicative. Leaving a low-hanging fruit worth of 4000$, which is compact and quickly sellable would be extremely tempting for any bum. Let's say in NYC if you leave a leather bag or something that remotely looks like it's worth something, same thing will happen even though NYC is considered as a low-crime city. I agree with the rest of the material especially non-prosecuting policy is outrageous.

  8. Tenderloin is a prostitution neighbourhood so no body decent wants to live there! It’s always been bad. I lived in SF for 12 year. Good neighbourhoods are always hot real-estate market.

  9. Sorry I watched this about a month late, but still wanted to comment. I grew up in the SF Bay Area and The Tenderloin has always been a rough area. Don't know why anyone would build a luxury condo in that area? Trying for gentrification and it didn't work! I am sad about SF, but hopefully things will change down the road. You have a beautiful setting and limited land so I think the city will be fine when some politicians are removed. But you have to remember that we also have the Silicon Valley! And those companies are scattered throughout the Bay Area. There are MORE than enough people in the area, high wages, and real estate is expensive. I live in the area just south of SF and single family homes, duplexes, and triplexes are selling like hotcakes! Maybe like you said, the SF crowd moved to the surrounding counties.

  10. How old are you? Some of us are old enough to remember the 70s and 80s in San Francisco and other cities. This is nothing new just going backwards to those decades. This is child’s play compared to San Francisco 1975.

  11. I guess the lessons of 2007-08 were not learned. When more and more of Silicon Valley goes to AI, huge amounts of IT workers will be kicked to the curb, and all that real estate will have fewer and fewer buyers.

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