Robin Needs to Get Away From Connor | Chicago Med

Dr. Connor Rhodes battles with his Girlfriend’s condition, but Robin can’t take it and needs to get away from Chicago.

Season 3, Episode 7 “Over Troubled Water”
Dr. Daniel Charles is pressured when Dr. Choi and Dr. Manning
disagree with his medical decision regarding a baby born with an addiction to heroin; Dr. Rhodes deals with the fallout following Robin’s departure; Goodwin helps her ex-husband Bert understand Lyla’s terminal diagnosis.

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  1. Mr. Oliver Platt has a really unique acting, perfect for roles of doctors or detectives…. A great talent, I love how he´s performing his role… First time I´ve seen this show I was sure I saw this guy somewhere else, in another movie/series… Yup, Heavy Rain, detective interactive game on PS3 (or 4 I don´t remember), he´s a perfect match… He´s doing a really great job as an actor

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