Robert Saleh Training Camp Report Day Press Conference (7/27) | New York Jets | NFL

Head coach Robert Saleh previews the start of Jets training camp.

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  1. Hey Jets Youtube guy/gal how bout putting these interviews & media meetings on ur podcast would be great. Direct a mike towards the press

  2. I am pleased to tell you that I publish distinctive motivational clips in human development and I am honored by your honorable passing and your beautiful honor, may God bless you

  3. A billion dollar organization that plays in a billion stadium and practices in a multimillion dollar facility can’t afford a couple hundred dollar mics. This has been going on for years. They fix almost every faucet of the team but the PR department. Embarrassing …

  4. Good to see the 49ers are not the only team with bad mic 🎤 issues for the press lol and as a fan of the 49ers wish you guys success except if it’s against my Niners. I hope your new head coach does well! He’s a beast. 🍻

  5. ALL GAS NO BREAK!!!…lets gooooooo….also, get turn up the volume for the reporters
    RIP Coach Knapp

  6. One interesting thought to me is how coach Saleh has been constantly saying how the real challenges will be how the team responds to adversity and to say having coach Knapp die especially suddenly like that is an adversity is a huge understatement.

  7. I think Robert sala is a beast of a coach and he doesn't play around that's what we need sala can't wait until zach Wilson is there I think I know Wilson next year to start em 5050 chance for the playoffs in 221 we have to wait until next year for the playoffs there a young team I rather have a good experience coach in mike McCarthy but we got sala and that anuf for me

  8. Everybody commenting about the sound. You don't have to repeat the same thing everyone else said. I can hear fine as I have on headphones 🎧.

  9. Would it kill you guys to spring for a mic for the reporters asking questions…??????????????????????

  10. The ONLY leftover of the Same Old Jets is these press conferences in which we CAN NEVER hear the questions. Come on Jets PR, fix this too.

  11. and finaly a hc thats sound inteligente. not beating around question ask right there is looks positive already

  12. Bring home Rodgers after your trip to Greenbay! Biggest market in the world, so $$$ shouldn’t be an issue!!! Get er done, either AR or Watson!

  13. RIP Coach Knapp, lets get to work and grind and kick some ass this season 💪🏻💪🏻😤😤😤

  14. Respectfully, no reason why Zach isn’t signed already! It’s just a distraction and the GM should have this put to bed last week!!!!

  15. Agree , can’t you give them a microphone? Great question, who will be taking Knapps place in helping Zach’s development?

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