Robert Saleh Training Camp Press Conference (7/28) | New York Jets | NFL

Head coach Robert Saleh speaks with reporters on Day 1 of Jets Training Camp.

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  1. Even college teams can sort out the mics for their press conferences – this just looks so amateur that you can never hear the questions on any video

  2. Bad look by Zach being out in Cali, like even if your holding out make it look like you want to be on this team.

  3. These reporters not only suck they're super disrespectful like cutting of our Head Coach to get their question in absolute LOSERSSS

  4. So since the owners are being stingy on when they pay the bonus can I start a buy now pay later with jersey and ticket purchases or do I have to pay that all upfront first?

  5. Jets are a clown show … they did the same thing with darnold with his rookie deal … way to start off on the right foot again 👍🏻

  6. The best way to live happily is when you are dealing with real vendor,I got a clone card of $3200 from texasclone,this the second time have been recurving clone card from him..

  7. As wealthy as the Jets organization has been, even in years of below mediocrity, because of their loyal fans, this "petty" contract squabbling should have been avoided by management.

    Why draft the kid if you're not going to "show him the money" his draft selection guarantees to pay?

    I think players should also have a contract against organizations who have had a losing season. This would make the draft signing negotiating "stupidity" more competitive or nonexistent.

    Is this how a strong loyal business relationship suppose to be built with your #1 draft pick and then you expect him to be loyal?

  8. 30 of 32 teams in the NFL include offsets. Seems to me Zach and his agent are being douches. Is Zach even in Jersey or is he in California?

  9. If this Wilson contract does not get soon, this will be on Joe Douglas and Joe Douglas only. It is good to be prudent with money but you need to take care of your stars and potential stars.This is one of the richest franchises in the NFL or for that matter in sports. It needs to get done soon or the shit will hit the fan. And back comes the cry same old Jets.

  10. Any chance you can install mics for the beat writers or maybe do captions on these press conferences? The Zoom calls were great since we could actually hear the questions being asked clearly. Now, not so much.

  11. Come on SNY just because the Jets media people are incompetent you don't have to go along without letting us here the questions. It makes you also look bad. Coach Saleh is obviously knowledgeable, no nonsense, straight at you kind of guy.

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