Rebeats 31st Chicago Drum Show Walkthrough!

Steve Jr and Jake take a walk through the 2022 Chicago Drum Show! Apologies for the sound clarity, we were stuck using the camera mic and it’s LOUD at the show. We couldn’t quite cover everything in all the excitement – just more reason to come out next year!

We’re very happy we got to see all our friends and make some new ones – hope to see you in 2023!

0:00 Setup
1:02 Walk In
1:45 WFL III
1:56 Drums of War
2:15 West Hall
2:28 Mitch Mitchell Fan Club
3:00 Great Lakes
3:10 Ludwig
3:38 Craviotto Drum Co
4:35 Our Booth, Cymbal Craftsman, Eric Binder
5:18 Chuck Scalia
6:04 Diemond Star
6:14 Frank Zumwalt & Andy Dwyer
6:26 Baltimore Drum Co
7:20 Excel Drumsticks
7:30 Sonor, Bop Drums
8:07 Dream Cymbals & Twin Cities
8:38 ADHD Percussion
9:06 Drum Factory
9:45 AT Drums
9:55 Steve Maxwell Sr
10:25 Bun E. Carlos & Randy Rainwater
11:00 Joey Boom Drums
11:25 Texas Vintage, Matt Barba/Tony Sellers, Brian Duvall, Ken Anderson
12:10 Past-Time Drums
12:38 Mike’s Drum Shop
13:00 Kelly Shu
13:10 Ludwig (Vintage)
13:28 Drugan’s Drums
13:36 Chicago Drum
13:50 Middle Hall – WFL III (Again)
14:10 East Hall
14:35 EDG
15:00 Offbeat Drums
15:10 Wood & Weather
15:45 Tackle Instruments
15:55 Revival Drums
16:35 Byrne Cymbals
18:35 Hawthorne Drums, Palmetto Drum Co, Recycled Rhythm
19:30 OCD
20:00 A&F
20:45 Stuff for Drummers, Terre USA
20:56 Too Many Snares, Beato
21:07 Holland Drums
21:20 Firehouse Drums
21:46 Out of the Drawer
21:56 Chicago Drum Exchange, Fugate
22:10 Vintage Freestyle Drums
22:20 No Nuts, Physiostorm, Kiss the Drummer, CENTENT
22:38 Breslow Drum Co
23:15 Consignments
23:35 Play Drums, Crash Boom Bam, Mattoon
24:15 Music Instrument Swap, Tom Brogan
24:30 RCD Vintage Drums
25:00 Wrap-Up!

There was so much to cover, if any booths are mislabeled or missing please let us know! We want to make sure we can showcase as many people as we can

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