Previewing the 2022 NBA Finals 🍿 Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics | Keyshawn, JWill and Max

Previewing the 2022 NBA Finals 🍿 Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics | Keyshawn, JWill and Max
The KJM crew reacts to the Boston Celtics’ 100-96 Game 7 win against the Miami Heat to advance to the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

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  1. She talks about draining being the only defender for Tatum like ok Wiggins must’ve died or sum huh🤣😐😐

  2. So this Curry/Smart narrative is silly. If you throw out the game where Smart injured Curry, he's averaging 26/game on him. In the past 2 years, he's dropped 47 and 30 on him, and they have only played twice (plus the injury game).

  3. Too many X factors on the Bench for GSW, who’s coming off the bench for Bos and getting 20+

  4. I believe Kuminga is the key to the Warriors winning the chip. He needs to be on Tatum or Brown, making it difficult to score with his length and running back to make them tired on the other end.

  5. Tatum/Smart need to focus on D, getting the ball, transition O and FT's. Brown/Horford/Williams need to be the shooter's. Then find Tatum through them. Stop hunting Tatum, let Brown take the Offensive load. I wish we could see this. Keep the ball moving, but be selective as much as possible. Call the right plays at the end of closeout game's. If a guy shoots 34%, probably not taking my last second shot.. Maybe look for him to touch the ball and pass for a change. Something.

  6. If the Celtics don't ever learn how to play on OFFENSE. They could lose in 5 or 6, if they can't score. Idc how great their D is. Even if they're up by 20, the Warriors will wipe that in a minute. It won't take forever like the Heat. You have to run a strict offense through YOUR BEST SHOOTER'S!!! NOT TATUM, NOT SMART.


  8. Finals mvp don’t always go to the “best player “ goes to the player with the best performance

  9. Is this girl actually dumb? Steph was literally 1a 1b with KD in the years KD won finals MVP… what do you think the reason for KD playing so easily was? It was Steph. Iggy should not have won FMVP over Steph either. Steph was still easily the best player on that team. The warriors have consistently proved the doubters wrong. These clowns sound so salty.

  10. Listen , you said if they go Poole and curry guarding Tatum it’ll create more opportunities for Boston because he can shoot over them regardless if it’s 2 points and 3 points, I’ll take my chances scoring 6 points over 2 and 3 points lol it’s gonna be a gentleman’s sweep again and the warriors will win easily

  11. If Boston post up Tatum and Williams or has them take shots close to the basket and shoot over 50% they can win as GS has no big men that can stop them. If Wiggans gets 20 or more each game then GS routs them as there will be too many good shooters to cover.

  12. I turned off this video when she said Iggy was better than Curry in 2015… stupid media messing up on the MVP vote and using their bad voting to make an argument. 🤦‍♂️

  13. If the Celtics think they’re gonna beat the Warriors playing iso, they’re dreaming lol. That’s the last thing you wanna do with this team

  14. So now steph is worse than jb? See where the hostess is going? She is magnifying everything she can find against steph and undermining everything that steph brings to the table. Classic hater.

  15. Why does she have this platform?! She doesn’t know what she’s talking bout. 2015 Steph should have won that FMVP. Stats were better than Iggy across the board, no Steph, no chip. Also Steph is judged by one bad game in the series and the story changes to “he had a bad series” one bad game in 2015 and one bad game in 2018

  16. Steph is laughing at all of you. He doesn’t mind NOT being the best player. He’s a selfless leader. He just wants to win! MVP ANDREW WIGGINS! GO WARRIORS!!!

  17. this chick don't know anything about basketballl she sounds ridiculous curry has always been. the best player on the warriors even when kd was there. Steph just gave kd the keys, all fmvp aside Steph was the one bringing this team to the finals!!!!

  18. if GSW fixes their turnover issues; GSW win 6
    if GSW keeps turning the ball over 25+ times a game; Celtics in 7

  19. no way this series is going to 7 games. i got the warriors in 5 possibly a sweep, celtics averaged 100 points scoring in the miami series. thats not gonna cut it against the splash brothers and a poole party

  20. Finals MVP is overrated. It is an award for the finals. It is for the most impactful player in the finals series not necessarily the best player. Don’t think it is a fair assessment in the kD and curry comparison

  21. Is that so Boston Dam near lost game 7 turning the ball over and lack of experience I’m tired of hearing all this Boston Defense will shut us down smh Boston struggles in What Golden State does best Back cuts and movement and when Jason Tatum is off although he is a monster the Celtics fold like laundry 🧺 If Steph is off we still can win 🥇 Dubs in 6

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