PATHETIC, MORIBUND, ABSOLUTELY AWFUL – Stephen A. Smith on Heat's Game 4 vs. Celtics | SportsCenter

Stephen A. Smith joins SportsCenter to react to the Boston Celtics’ win over the Miami Heat.

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  1. 3.6 actually…..18/5 = 3.6 not 6 or 5.5. Simple math, Where is the quality …. Don’t bring up a math stat if you have the math wrong.

  2. Stephen A showing how terrible he is at math twice. “Starters combined for 17 points. That’s 6 points per person!!!”
    “Actually it’s less than that”
    “ oh you’re right it’s 5.5”


  3. I know I've never met anyone who both had a rich vocabulary and was great at Math. Stephen A just showed a textbook example of someone like that

  4. These playoff games have been pathetic. As a diehard NBA and basketball fan, I’m beyond disappointed. Can’t wait for this mess to be over.


  6. Idk why people are super disappointed in this conference finals games when we got to enjoy a really tight & fun semi finals vs the Bucks. To me, that was really the ECF

  7. The Celtics may have played abysmally in two quarters which lead to a blow out but they always come climbing back to cut it to single digits. When the Heat get blown out, they're finished early.

  8. Pretty accurate.😫 Boston played like their lives depended on it and the Heat gave up once the shots were not falling. I know they banged up but no excuses. Boston destroyed them. It's bounce back time. Heat in 7.

  9. Remember Heat fans, Celtics play well on the road and have won down in Miami. They CAN do it again.
    Especially when Miami fans leave at half time for sushi.

  10. this series looks noncompetitive….that 1st quarter boston played ok defense but for miami to just disappear and not even want to play….without oladipo in that 1st half they would be down even more

  11. Stephen A…
    Math… math…
    5 starters. 18 points. That's an average of 3.6 points per starter. 5.5 points would be 27.5 points. 6 would be 30.

  12. 4 blowouts??? Where? 11 and 6 point wins are bowouts now? 25 and 20 are BLOWOUTS.. Heat fans can't kid yourselves lol… BEAT nation!!!

  13. It looks like it's rigged and players know they're supposed to win or lose that day, and won't even make the effort to pretend anymore.

  14. That was disgusting!!! Smh this was worse den game 2 In My opinion. No energy at all.. so disappointed in the heat right now! 😒 I blame Jimmy. Only because his energy lives thru the heat. And he came out like a flat soda!! Smh they better get right for game 5 smh.. im mad

  15. For once i agree with him. This series has sucked. The Bucks celtics series was awesome.

  16. Did yall see Lowry get absolutely obliterated to the throat right there? OMG that should be a flagrant 5. I swear, Christ Paul, Harden and Lowry never get every call man, and they should. They need those calls refs! Charge! Flagrant 10!

  17. This game in which the Heat were absent make us wonder is it possible to have collusion between the entire NBA association to deceive the watching/paying public. Is it possible to rig/fix games in order to generate more revenue. I guess we'll find out 50 years from now when someone who didn't get their cut squeals.

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