NYC Mandates Covid Vaccines Or Weekly Testing For City Workers

“That’s a very fair thing to do. And that way all of us can walk into those facilitates and be comfortable,” says fmr. WH Covid task force member Andy Slavitt, on venues giving the option of getting vaccinated or getting Covid tested. 
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  1. Forcing anyone against their will is a crime. This is r@pe. Anyone that supports forcibly imposing on another human being is a r@pist. You are all R@pist

  2. Ironically: if the virus kills at a 10% clip instead of 1%, this would be over already. Or if the virus kills 1% not of the elderly, but of the children, this pandemic would be over already.


  4. Are really going to be this blind THERE TAKING OUR FREEDOMS OF CHOICE AWAY OPEN YOUR EYES. We can't give up like this. Keep fighting for your freedoms they are going to come for us. Don't you see what is happening there going to control us like puppets.

  5. The self replicating genetic material inside covid are microscopic worms treat with parasite medicine, it jumped species right? medicate with appropriate treatment. Save your Neighbor! ❤🤍💙🦠🪱🪱💊🪱

  6. Why do we never hear about natural antibodies that our bodies have created after getting covid? Shouldnt those who had covid and got over it be in the category of vaccinated since they now have antibodies?

  7. If you are getting tested every day/every week, and come up negative, why would you have to continue to wear a mask? Thst literally makes zero sense. Is this what following the science looks lkke? When are people going to wake up to the fact that this is more about control then anything else

  8. At Lollapalooza, you need to have a vax card or a recent test to gain admission. We should sponsor big concerts on a regional basis to encourage folks to get the jab.

  9. MSNBC REPORTS THE NEWS , MSNBC IS NEWS ORGANIZATION ! It’s up to you to wear a mask ,it’s up to you get the vaccinations 💉 stop blaming other people, the NEWS MEIDA for your ignorance! Big reveal TRUMP IS NOT GOD !

  10. COVID takes too long,cost too much, and infects too many innocents to be an efficient way to rid ourselves of stupid. Mask up, folks, wash your hands, stay away from stupid, prepare for job loss and school closings. Stupid gonna be around a while longer

  11. Wow NYC is just now testing their employees? Im from Ohio and work in a nursing home and since the beginning we have been tested twice weekly wearing first one mask then made to wear double mask with goggles, then to single mask. Still being tested but those of us having taken the vaccine only get tested once a week. Now with Delta we are back to n95 mask and goggles being tested twice a week. Ive worked my job this whole entire time having to give up any comforts at work to keep others safe, thats my job and personality. What extra have we received throughout this covid? Handclaps, no bonuses while unemployed got close to $28,000 extra last year, released from paying rent, and now extra again if they have kids. Those of us who dont have young kids who paid off their student loans and continued to pay our bills while a huge chunk of Americans took a year paid extra vacation we got NOTHING. Time to get back to work and decide how you choose to live, mask no mask end of story.

  12. India used ivermectin to control the virus and have natural immunity we have fake artificial immunity with the jab it would be interesting to see a study of using ivermectin are using the vaccine and see which one works the best the $2.40 pill or the $240 job

  13. They used ivermectin in India to fight it and get a natural immunity instead of jabbing everybody with an unproven vaccine it would be great to do a study against vaccinated in ivermectin eyes

  14. As 8 commented in another broadcast, let the anti vaxers go to their own demis. The folks who have brains can continue to vax and distance and mask. Just sayin.

  15. I can’t believe these people. It like any other vaccine. Polio, Tuberculosis, and the like. This is just part of Trump effort to weaken the country so if the foreign countries who are poring money into Trump take over plan wades war there won’t be enough men who are fighting age. Who knows. It a theory. One thing I do know Trump will stop at nothing and he is stupid and weak in the face of the leaders of third world countries. Russia and some of the Middle East. Just a theory.

  16. Cant wait till these morons go door to door. My truspass signs are up. My fu biden flag is flying under my 2nd adm. Flag. And my dogs are hungry. If they dont get the hint they will when they knock.

  17. Rectal swabs for Covid are the most reliable method (this is science) for testing – un-vaccinated fools should look forward to this if they want to do anything outside their houses.

  18. There is no way im going to trust a product that is.
    1. Not FDA approved 
    2.Big Media corporations need to ban anyone who speaks against it.
    3. Needs to be pushed this badly.

  19. F this S! The Dems have the media in their front pockets. Should the vaccine become unconstitutionally and universally mandated, there's a chance that law enforcement will be knocking on doors, or even in public threatening to arrest AND jail anyone over 18 yo who doesn't comply with direct 'dictatorship-like' orders. As you can clearly see by this report, my comment is nothing to shake your head or roll your eyes about. This is serious, coming ever so close to fruition and an exceptionally scary thought.

    Look up – Thalidomide babies and 1984 by George Orwell.

  20. Vaccines are recommended because Covid destroys our economy and kills millions of people. Government paid for the development of this vaccine and it is a medical miracle

  21. Where are all of the “anti-capitalism” “anti-billionare” “anti-fascist” leftists now??

    Why are they suddenly blindly allowing corporations and government to abuse their workers and demand they put things into their body without freedom of choice?? Why are they suddenly on the side of big capitalism, the government and billionaires after calling everyone else bootlickers??

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