NSW records 172 COVID-19 infections, new cases linked to super-spreader event | 9 News Australia

NSW has detected a record 172 new cases with 60 of those infectious in the community. A Blacktown apartment block has been forced into complete lockdown with its cases linked to the family super-spreader event at Pendle Hill. Subscribe and 🔔: | Get more breaking news at 9News.com.au:

0:00 Major police operation underway
0:22 NSW records 172 COVID-19 infections
1:20 New cases linked to super spreader event
2:47 HSC exam debate
3:11 Calls for quarantine facilities
4:12 US mandates vaccines for health care workers
4:31 Vaccine pass to enter France’s bars
4:46 Support for Sydney businesses
7:13 Victoria’s lockdown lifts

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