Night in Historic Core of Los Angeles First part

Los Angeles at night is a very different place than day.
Join me in this first video to get to know the streets of Los Angeles at night.


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First person videos in Los Angeles, California.
Let’s walk together in these videos, so you have an idea of ​​what places to visit when visiting this city.

Video cameras I use:
Videos with zoom: SONY DSC-RX100M6
Walking videos: SONY Actioncam 4K FDR-X3000

Program to edit: NERO

Music in videos: NERO MUSIC
YouTube audio library


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  3. creen que sea seguro andar por las calles del centro de los angeles de noche entre semana? voy a llegar la proxima semana y voy a andar cerca de la 7th street hacia 7th/metro center station, son como 10 min de caminata pero no sé que tan seguro sea

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