NFC North Preview: How Will The Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Packers and Lions Do In 2021?

NFC North Preview: How Will The Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions Do In 2021?





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  1. Packers may win this year, may win next year and then this division belongs to the Bears. Enjoy your last blip Packers fans, your days are numbered

  2. Sewell isn't a left tackle in detroit… we have a left tackle (Decker) sewell is our right tackle and probably will be his whole career I'm detroit

  3. You started with the team with the most interesting off season and future of any NFL team. Holmes, Campbell, and Co are going to turn this team into Champions. A fan base that will make the 12th man in Seattle sound like a North Dakota State week 4 home game, Motown is hungry and wanting for a winner.

  4. I have to disagree with your take on this, just how last year Arron Rodgers through a wrench in the packers front office plans he’s going to force his stay in Greenbay by having another amazing season maybe not a Super bowl but that’s just my opinion. But if he doesn’t stay he will still put on a performance that will show the Packers they messed up on drafting a replacement and not listening to his input

  5. Alright, well looking at each teams schedule, I predict both the Vikings and Packers end up going 11-6. The Bears end up 8-9. The Lions go 4-13.

  6. Arron will stay with the packers like I’ve thought this whole time. They will have a declining season this year. After that not exactly sure what will happen. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. No Darrisaw being a first rounder doesn't mean he will be great first up, but he will have a full practice and pre-season so he does have an advantage over last years rookies. Last year's first rounders Wills, Wirfs, or Becton all turned out great, and even Andrew Thomas was average. Darrisaw only has to be average to be an improvement – and the offence was fine last year with a sub par O Line – so honestly – the analysis here is pretty lame. Bye now! Skol!

  8. Football Analysis youtube channel: The Minnesota Vikings are going to pulverize the NFC north and win the division in 2021.
    [reads story that A-Rod is coming back to the Packers]
    Football Analysis youtube channel: DAMMIT!!!

  9. This video 4 hours old and it's already outdated 🤣🤣Rodgers is staying, Andy Dalton is starting, vikings have way more defensive players then labeled, and the lions….still trash. Except packers will be 2nd or third because they only have a few notable players

  10. Vikings were 7-9 w/o a Defense and an o-line. All those games outside of two of them were close. They r going to be stacked on defense this year, and fixed a lot of their issues on the o-line. If you don’t think this division is theirs you will be in for a big surprise.

  11. Vikes also added Sheldon Richardson on the D-Line, plus another starting CB from KC Bashaud Breeland…oh plus they brought back veteran CB Mackensie Alexander and S Xavier Woods from Dallas.

  12. Goff has an excellent opportunity to step up as Rogers steps away. The Pack is NO longer Back my opinion only cheeseheads

  13. I hope to God Justin Fields doesn’t play until at least week 8. I don’t want them rushing him like they did Mitch Trubisky

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