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1 Hour tour of New York, carefully architected and subtitled by us, accompanied by the best Jazz playlist. Relax with New York Jazz and NYC tour.

Playlist video in which we introduce our baby Olivia to some of the most amazing places in the world, places we plan to visit one day with her.

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This tour was based on the “Things to do” in NYC, page of the google site:


NYC Guide. Locations in the order they appear:
0:00 Intro and Statue of Liberty, September 11 Memorial, Central Station, Times Square, Tribeca, Wall Street, Chinatown, Soho, Brooklyn
2:44 New York at Night
6:25 Central Park
8:07 New York Times, Barclays Center, One World Observatory, Metlife Building, Main Street Park, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Flatiron Building, Bronx, St. Paul Chapel
10:47 New York City Skyline, Bowling Green Park, Downtown District, 5th Avenue, Chrysler Building, 57 Street Station, Freedon Tower, Metropolitan Museum of Art MET, Bryant Park
14:08 Financial District at Night, Soho, Tribeca
17:05 Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street During quarantine 2020, Financial District
19:24 NYC Skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Brooklyn
22:19 Madison Square Garden
24:01 Times Square, Driving in Times Square
27:10 Trump Tower, Avenue of the Americas, Radio City Music Hall, Flushing Meadows, New York Library, Broadway-Lafayette St Subway Station, One World Trade Center, Queensboro Bridge
30:05 Lower Manhattan during quarantine 2020, Court House, September 11 Memorial, Queensboro Bridge
33:35 Central Park Autumm Rain, Bethesa Fountain, Central Park Ice Skating, Central Park Winter
36:37 Williamsburg Bridge, Tribeca, NYC subway, Montauk Point Lighthouse, 42nd Street
39:59 New York Skyline, Manhatan At Night, Pwc, 34th Street, Manhattan Skyline, Downtown District, Charles Broadway Rouss, New York Sunset
43:02 Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Bridge, Financial District, New York Aerial view, Brooklyn Aerial view, Williamsburg Brooklyn
46:41 Piers on Hudson River, Hudson River walking bay, Downtown Brooklyn over Hudson River, Manhattan view across Hudson river from New Jersey, Hudson River way to the Statue of liberty
50:02 New Jersey Pier at Night, NYC aerial skyline, Times Square The Lion King, Broadway, Union Square, Subway Train in Queens, New York University, Hope Lodge, 6th Avenue
53:19 The Bronx, NYC Skyline, John Lennon Memorial
56:16 Central Park, Subway Yard in Manhattan, Castleton on Hudson,
58:58 New York Coastline, Frozen Hudson River, NYC Skyline.
1:00:50 Subscribe, The End.

How to relax? How to sleep better? How to manage stress? Try starting by watching this tour guide. Take this guided tour of New York. See what to do in New York. The hidden places in New York. All of this to the sound of a jazz playlist. This is the best new york 2021 video. New York City Tour and Jazz Playlist: Jazz in the center of the world.
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