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Even before COVID-19, New York was already defined by a gap between the rich and poor. Yet during the pandemic, wealth has become a determinant of survival.
The pandemic hit New York in the spring, with almost 800 people dying from COVID-19 each day in April. The city has been uneasy since then. People’s lives have been shaken by months of stay-at-home orders, changing public health measures, “Black Lives Matter” protests, the presidential election, and above all the economic consequences of the pandemic, including ever-widening inequality between New Yorkers.

Stefanie Dodt and Christiane Meier are the creators of “New York City Rich and Poor – The Inequality Crisis.” They spent more than eight months following the lives of three New York families who inhabit the different strata of New York society – the bottom, the top and the middle.
The documentary links this long period of observation with intensive data research and analysis and shows why, long before COVID-19, it was clear who the disease would hit hardest. The boundaries between rich and poor are often clearly defined by neighborhoods. Where a person lives determines their risk of becoming infected with the virus, and health has become more of a luxury than ever. The pandemic is spotlighting the scale and consequences of economic inequality in America. In New York, a city of extremes, the emphasis is white hot – and reflects in brash New York style the structural problems all of America is facing as COVID-19 further amplifies inequality.


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  1. How did this become a race thing? I thought this was gonna be about inequality. Would've been nice to see poor people in the struggle together regardless of their appearance.

  2. The woman in the beginning talking how it will get worse if Trump was reelected shows the power of the Democrat propaganda. Since Biden was elected things have become exponentially worse for everyone except the elite.The gap has grown faster in the past year than ever before.

  3. i wanna ask those people who wanted trump to be out and biden inn , one year on how do they feel with present economic chaos ineffective biden and harris has put them into ?

  4. I would think that when the Catholics get around to the goodies of America the status and prominence and fame of anyone will not matter because they have already started that process.

  5. I'm sorry but that's hilarious that they're blaming politicians and never mind. I can't listen to this… It's the same old thing same old thing and nothing will ever change for them that think that way.

  6. Cool. so the best they could do with their financial freedom is to become influencers. I don't blame their father for trying his best to hide what he really thinks about what they become, as far as.

  7. ''Here is a fun fact about my closet; I work with a professional organiser who organises my wardrobe by colour and category''. I have never heard something so useless in my life… and I dated losers LOL The dad is talking about them understanding privilege as if they are still 8 or 9 years old. Dude, your girl is 27 and still living at home having tantrums, having her hair braided and bitching about latest fashion while still living at home with no job! Whom are you kidding? The way they're acting, they are not going to go anywhere in life apart from the expensive shops to bomb your money lol; arrogant, vain and not that pretty. Not a good combination. They talk about the Hamptons like two ignoramuses who've never been anywhere. As for Amerita, for someone who can't afford food, she sure got some nice vouchers for hair colours. LOL

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