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#NYC #rainstorm

This stream is created with #PRISMLiveStudio


  1. Re-watching since I fell asleep last night. Right there with you concerning the scam. Can you imagine looking out the window at 432 Park Avenue and say that they are surrounded by fog. The white building in the beginning of the stream is beautiful along with the planters in front.

  2. Hi Tom just letting you know I am now a supporter of your channel you have the best streams thank you so much my friend

  3. Happy birthday my friend Tom 😀 your face is awesome 😀 specially with the Ferrari shop aswell. How do you feel being 27 years young now? My birthday is on 17th of July I will be 26 years young I hope you had a great birthday I always appreciate your channel from the UK 😃🤗.

  4. Tom,….A mistake unintended,reveals a smile most attended. So nice to see you finally.
    Have a nice Memorial Weekend,and honor those who made it possible.
    Be well friend!

  5. Hello. Tom if you go to Jones beach please record even it's real short video. Thanks I have not been there since 1992

  6. Good Friday Evening Tom
    You Are A Very Handsome And Smart Young Man I Really Enjoyed The Live Stream Tonight Happy Memorial Day Weekend To You And Your Family Always With Love Ms British Gray From Tampa Florida Blessings 🙂

  7. Hi Tom happy birthday Tom I hope you enjoy your rest of your night Tom get home safe Tom amazing live stream tonight enjoy your brithday see you live tomorrow Tom take care and God bless

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