NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 27th, 2021

CDC reverses indoor mask guidance as Covid cases rise, police officers deliver emotional testimony at Jan. 6 committee hearing, and cycling means freedom for Olympian Masomah Ali Zada of the refugee team.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:54 CDC’s Mask Guidance Reversal
05:11 Dr. Fauci On New Mask Reversal
07:38 Capitol Riot Officer Testimony
10:03 Refugee Olympics Team

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  1. Look at the data, as of today, 49.1 % of America is fully vaccinated. Out of 332 million people, that leaves 170 million, why do they keep saying only 100 million???, how hard is it to do the math here???

  2. I can never trust the WHO, the CDC or Fauci ever again after the initial outbreak in early 2020 when they told us masks were not effective against Covid. Anybody with half a brain knew masks were imperative…they knew that even during the black death in medieval times with the bird beak mask full of herbs. This outbreak could've been contained directly after it started and before it became politicized. They wanna blame the right now but it was the so called "science" who failed us in the beginning. Im an independent and when I first heard news of SARS breaking out in Wuhan in Jan 2020 I started to prepare. Fauci didnt do that. I guess im more of an expert than him

  3. ~ The CDC has already done forecast research on the sarbecovirus which is the fundamental virus of which all future similar viral pandemics will arise from, originating from all bats. We are at a point where we can make a difference in avoiding future pandemics by getting fully vaccinated now.
    ~ It's the people who need to change, because they keep staying in denial. Albeit, because the virus is going to keep mutating & new variants will arise, as long as people do not get vaccinated & keep resisting it, which will aid in developing new more deadly & more contagious mutations & variants, as long as it stays free to do so.

  4. My hunch was right , that vaccined people can still affect people with the virus and like I said: '' when you take the vaccine we're still not out of the woods yet''.🙁

  5. Big scary black man crying. Some real sad sh@t to see … smdh. Not a good look brotha . Not a good look at all . That uniform is for soldiers. Remember that 💯✅ – B1/FBA. ✊🏾

  6. The CDC should give the total amount of breakthrough cases so we get the full picture. 20% of new Covid cases in LA county are from vaccinated people so it's not just the non-vaccinated that are spreading the virus.

  7. I've been working in a grocery store for the entire pandemic, mask-less for most of it and have never showed a single symptom. I can't stop wondering why Corona doesn't want me. It's like a woman.

  8. It's always rich when conservatives pretend to be pro-police when these are the types of things that they do.

    Always be skeptical of so-called 'patriots' who babble about freedom one moment and then try to take away yours.

  9. I live in Tokyo and they absolutely need to cancel the Olympics. The coronavirus numbers in Tokyo are topping 200p new cases per day. We don't have a good vaccine rollout here so it's much more dangerous. Pack up the Olympics and send everyone who doesn't live here home to their own countries. We need to deal with this bigger problem first. Who cares about sports now anyway? Lots of us become very uncomfortable when we see an Olympic employee walking around away from their hotel as if they are on a vacation. It's terrible and it happens often.

  10. This delta variant is deadly. Yesterday …I got pretty good at reading the possibilities of this pandemic! I learned that variants will rise up, until we are at 70 percent of our nation’s people …fully vaccinated against the virus. (It’s herd immunity! ) Yup! Yet, the global pandemic is dire …in the fact ..that vaccines aren’t necessarily available for 7-8 billion people worldwide! Yup !That’s the difference! And, the challenge and it’s mind blowing! Yup! It’s just heartbreaking!

  11. They are messing with us. There is some weird crap going on. I asked my Dr if anyone has come in with covid. She said no. My mom works at a school she has not gotten sick. I wonder where the ambulances are. Ppl can't breath and its so horrible hmmm OK weird. They are making it worse then it really is to slowly brain wash and control people. Its going to get worse. Better not try and give me any of that vaccine. Don't know what is really in that. They can't gaurente
    a few yrs from now it is not going to mess with me. A few months and they had it. It takes yrs NOT months.

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