My NYC Apartment Tour: $1,875/Month in Manhattan

Welcome to my ~long awaited~ OFFICIAL NYC APARTMENT TOUR!
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Things shown in this video:
My dress:
Entryway table:
^ Similar entryway table:
Futon (similar):
Ottomans (140 lbs!):
Storage boxes:
My bedside table:
My white office chair:
My glass desk
Space heater:
My Mattress:
My Bed frame:
My fake tree:
Hanging shelf:

0:00 Welcome + Specs
0:38 Entry way
1:13 Living room
1:27 Kitchen
2:30 Flex wall (legality, how to install, types)
4:48 Flex bedroom
6:01 Laundry + Closet
6:30 Bathroom
7:03 My Bedroom and Office
14:37 Cost
15:01 Bloops

✨ Equipment I use for filming ✨
➢ My camera (aka my phone):
➢ My mic (for sit-downs):
➢ iPhone hand-held vlogging gimble:
➢ Noise Canceling Headphones:
➢ Ring Light:

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  1. Total cost details @14:37. Watch next: My income streams and how I invest my money 🤗

    Thanks for patiently waiting SIX months after I moved in for this one 🤡 Q: If you could live in any city in the world for a year, what would it be?

  2. In the Navy in 1999-2003 they gave us barracks rooms that were basically one bedroom apartments, but two people each, one person from one crew and one from the other. Trident submarines have two crews; one crew takes the submarine out while the other stays in port, then the submarine comes in for two weeks and then the other crew takes her back out. Well, there are bookshelves in the barracks rooms and that's what we used to divide it. We're submariners so we're used to close quarters and not as much privacy. I think that after I got out they converted the submarine barracks to "1+1" where everybody gets their own little bedroom. 🙂

  3. Damn that much for a shoebox? Fuck nyc we need another financial collapse or a pandemic bad enough that prices lower

  4. Really glad I found this video right before my move to Manhattan (also from California). Love your style!

  5. This is awesome and lovely apartment, honestly it is hard to believe that it’s only $1,875.00 per month seems not realistic sorry to say…that place looks more expensive. Thanks so much for sharing 🙌🏻🙏😇

  6. Love the views!! Must be sooo soothing at night to watch sunset. How are the views during a thunderstorm?

  7. Not relevant but was there 2 different people recording? 😂 first I heard a woman’s voice than around the end sounded different 😂

  8. This apartment unit is like OMG! How spacious and bright and just OMG for an apartment unit in NY (or any metropolitan area)! Such a treasure at the price you mentioned with all the washer and massive windows and so much sunlight .. just superb! Don't lose it! You did great with the space too. Thanks for showing it to us!

  9. I applaud the thought and creativity that you applied in rethinking and maximizing the space. The approach to storage with the bins, small ottomans and bookshelves is spot on. I like that you weren't afraid to "get your hands dirty" in laying this out. You have more mechanical skills than many guys. You have a tool bin! Excellent!

    Obviously, most guys wouldn't think of this. I once had a roommate who created a night stand out of an empty cardboard box turned upside down with a pillow case mostly covering it. It was as ugly as it sounds.

  10. I love how you were excited that you had a large closet and right before you said that, I thought it looked just like my entryway coat closet. You have a really amazing apartment. I could spend hours just looking at the view! I look out my window and just see a mountain range behind houses. I wish the houses didn’t block the view.🤪

  11. I saw two small bedrooms and no living room. Did you actually have it?

  12. I like seeing well organized apartment tours more than huge house tours. The shower view is awesome.
    I need those over-the-door double racks as well.

  13. Thank you for introducing me to that hanging shelf thing inside the cupboard, was a perfect solution to my problem.

  14. The “MacGyver-ed wall” comment was almost as amazing as your bedroom. Great video.

  15. The laundry and dishwasher are really nice selling points. It's a nice apartment. Back when I considered moving into the city, I could have been tempted to rent this whole thing out without a roommate. I've seen a lot worse for more.

  16. For new people coming to NY, be advised that only certain people are allowed or will be permitted to move into specific apartments at this price regardless of credit or background check!( WINK WINK)

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