Moving to Boston: The TRUTH about living in Boston

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I post another BOSTON video. You guys have loved these videos so much so I keep making them.

Whats different about this one is that in this video I talk about my actual lived experience in Boston. I am going to lay it all out on the table and tell you exactly the REAL pros and cons of living in Boston.

If you are moving to Boston or even the east coast, you should definitely watch this video because my experience might help you not go through the same troubles I did and still am 🙂

At the end of the video there is a pros and cons list you can screenshot too so you don’t forget 🙂

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The COST of Living in Boston:

All you need to know about Boston apartment hunting video:

Moving to Boston: Cost of Living, Best Neighborhoods & How to Save Money in the City video:

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  2. thinking moving to Boston now and I'm from Hawaii the rent price pretty much silimilar with here, expensive af, but since living in the top 1 expensive city in Hawaii already getting used to the expensive living life, work the ass off to living the paradise life hahaha!

  3. Nice video! As a European, I consider a lot of the cons to be pros. Lack of cars and chain restaurants is a big plus for me. I live in Amsterdam and they’re actively restricting cars from being anywhere near the center, because of the environment and better quality of living.

  4. NYC is the same. bored and raised in Brooklyn and I’m moving to Boston metro area for work. The street cleaning happens twice a week and having to look for parking the night before or the day of is the absolute worst. And compareD to nyc, Boston is a wee bit cheaper. The quality of life is also better in Boston now. As for the weather Lol it’s typical north east living. 😄

  5. This child's opinions are so wrong on so many points. First of all, Boston is very pet friendly with tons of dog parks to take your pet to. Big dogs. little dogs and everything in between. You'll see a lot of people with dogs. Second his whole theory on trains running into Boston more than out of Boston is just wrong. If you look at the schedule of the trains, they give you an idea on how often they run, and it's like 6 minutes-for the entire line. The train tracks run in a big circle so if x number of trains are going into the city, the exact same number of trains are running out of the city. Boston is a very expensive place to live, but the pay scale is much higher here too, so it's almost a wash. If this kid doesn't like it in Boston, he should move back to his $350.00 apartment, and give up all the positives that Boston has to offer.

  6. Good video! I’m born and raised here, and everything is true, street cleaning u have to be on that… I am moving next year to NC. Boston is always going to be expensive as shit👋🏼 good luck…

  7. Om gosh, aren't you the best for making this video! I'm an international grad moving there this winter, and this video deffo helps in knowing what to expect! Much love for you and keep making this vids 🤗

  8. Simply Put – If you don't like where you are living..MOVE!!!! I hated living in Denver and guess what? I moved back to Boston. Hmmm – I didn't know Boston was a second tier city. I guess Des Moine is hard to beat.

  9. "Truth"? The truth is that Boston is a GREAT city. You just need to get rid of your car! Boston is one of the most walkable cities in America. I have lived in the city for years without a car. If you live in the right neighborhood, you don't even need to use public transportation. It's not easy to drive in Boston, but it's not as bad as driving in other places, like New York, LA or Mumbai. Boston is a very pet-friendly city. Having to choose a smaller dog is an easy concession to make in order to live in a fantastic city like Boston. Anyway, it's not right to make a big dog live in a small apartment without a yard. If you're resilient enough to last here a couple of years, you'll learn to love Boston and you'll wonder what the heck you were complaining about at the beginning.

  10. Every city in and around Boston you need to have a resident parking sticker. They do have visitor parking spaces during certain hours and days but any resident can also park there. Driving in Boston is just a headache. Find other means if possible. Also street cleaning is different days for different cities and different parts of Boston so always read the signs when you park. Lastly yes Boston loves to ticket and tow.

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