1. Era para ter emudecido o vídeo a partir do minuto 8:32.
    Porque aí o YT entenderá como violação dos direitos autorais e depois vai bloquear o vídeo, amigo.

  2. Aí está a realidade de Los Angeles que mídia desgraçada do meu país não mostra.
    Não gosto de pessoas ou empresas que escondem a verdade! 😠

  3. Wish I could adopt those dogs. Fuck everything else there why would anyone want to visit california at this point

  4. And we (Europeans) were made to believe, America is the greatest country in the world…
    Now look at L.A., it's an absolute disgrace to humanity what has happened over there! Shame on the American government!

  5. 1:38 aye I’m just saying bro like I was horny enough I woulda had a couple bucks to spare if I drove thru there 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. You people complaining bout how dangerous is in there when I see it 3x peaceful than mexico city hoods where im from

  7. What did this place look like 70 years ago and who lived there? Has it improved under Democratic rule and liberal ideology?

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