Los Angeles Safety Advice

Los Angeles has a reputation for being a fun and friendly city, but many tourists wonder how safe it is to visit LA. In this video we give some travel safety advice on visiting Los Angeles, from dealing with the sun and traffic to more serious tourist safety tips.
Filmed on Venice Beach in Los Angeles
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  1. There is no safety in Los Angeles because they have woke politicians that only care about criminals and not the people. Unacceptable they allow their city to be crime infested and get their people hurt. Please elect them out of office and get people who takes law & order seriously

  2. My brother is a LAPD detective. The police are demoralized and know they have no support; therefore, they are hesitant to do any police work The assault, battery, rape and robbery rates are now high but under-reported due to bureaucracy lies on official statistics. With demoralized police and almost no concealed weapons permits issued to average citizens, criminals work with impunity.

  3. I lived in LA for the last 35 years. The last couple years the city took deep dive to bottom low. My opinion is to avoid visiting the city now. It’s not worth it being how expensive it is. I breaks my heart to say that and I’m ashamed of current city situation. Hopefully with election coming up, we finally get a Mayer who really care for this city.

  4. Don't fail to give credit to the ACLU for their lawsuit against then Governor Ronald Reagan that got the crazies let loose on us. Thanks a s**t load, literally, ACLU.

  5. To anyone who wants to vist los angeles just stay away from the ghetto areas such as Compton

  6. OMG, people in LA are scared of driving in the rain, that is so funny. Maybe they should come to Australia, In Melbourne you can experience all the seasons in one day on occasions or head to Queensland and cope with the humidity or come to Adelaide and enjoy our very hot dry summer days, at Oodnadatta it reached 50.7 C or 123.3 F. I guess this may be a shock for Americans, they are not the only people to experience hot days

  7. it’s just not people in LA don’t know how to drive in the rain. There is a lot of oil build up on the roads, since the rain is so infrequent. So, be extra cautious during the first time it rains.

  8. I was by MacArthur park and saw the MSX3 sign and got pee scared and went into a store that sold Santa Muerte figures. God bless ABC Express and the laundry mat down the road. Joke's on you! I'm not taking your orange slices!

  9. I've just watched another video about the worst parts of LA. I only spent a short time there but I remembered neighbourhoods that in total make up a very large area of the city to be avoided.

  10. LA is a tough city with some tough people it just so happens to have some very weak,very stupid and very rich people as well which makes them very easy targets.

  11. I lived in LA near downtown for a majority of my life, I never even knew about smog, I lived in a very poor dodgy neighborhood. I was able to walk to school on the daily, the crime and violence of the city is exceptionally overblown and it astonishes me how mainstream the fear has become when things are 98% of the time safe and fine

  12. I do remember Aladdin’s voice actor Scott Weinger say LA is kinda like Agrabah, would that more or less give people other ideas?

  13. i think this is hilarious. the whole video this guy is tryna cover up the fact that LA is so ASS now LMAOOOOOOO. Like the homeless problem. He says that theyre everyhwere and that tehy dont bother anyone. But make sure to not touch them or get near them because they might have mental illnesses. Same with the people who dress up in costumes. "yknow its not bad but if you dont pay them, they can get physical". Literally proves how ass it is

  14. Who is giving the homeless money and food while on vacation? Yeah that is a don’t. I have enough of that in NYC so that is not on my vacay to do list. Los Angeles is a Great city.

  15. So I was in LA for Anime Expo in 2019 and a few earth quakes happen. Wasn't that bad at all.

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  17. If driving in any strange city and you lose your way. Drive to a safe location before you check your map. Also don't drive like a tourist.

  18. Make sure your Uber driver doesn't try to take a shortcut and drop you off in a bad neighborhood. Mine thought he was going to drop me off in Skid Row when I was going to the Art walk once. ( Yes part of the artwalk is officially on Skid Row but Main Street isn't as sketchy as it used to be)

  19. Times change . Now in venice beach 🏖 , u have surfers hanging ten in the ocean 🌊 and homeless ‘ hangin’ wang …” on the beach 🏖..

  20. Don’t go. That’s all the advice you need. It’s extremely dangerous. Especially for women.

  21. #1 way to spot a tourist is the convertible with top down in winter. Also, getting in the water in winter. The locals are the ones wearing a coat and beanie at 65 degrees.

  22. LA has significantly changed for the worst during COVID and after ADA Gascon has been installed.

    Career criminals get released with minor to zero bail, even after they're arrested again and again. Textbook catch 'n release which makes our streets unsafe.

    Few days ago, in North Hollywood. A guy in a Burlington was hitting random people and abused a woman with a bikechain until her head started bleeding. Police came in, shot the guy, accidently shot a child that was hidding in the fitting room (that girl died on the spot) – guy was arrested and was released that night. THAT NIGHT!

    Everything was captured on camera. That guy should've got life in jail but Gascon's policy released him.

    It's not safe anymore. You can live in the subburb and your home gets robbed.

    And they can do that because Gason gives them a free pass.

    Shame to what has happened to this city.

  23. Not just LA but pretty much all of CA:
    If driving on the freeway & roads and you are unfamiliar where your are going, avoid driving in the fast lanes. The homeless are everywhere and you will find people are homeless for a number of reasons: down on their luck, financial, mental issues, drug abuse and some who just like the lifestyle. Avoid giving handouts, because the gift you give only goes to that person, rarely does it go to others who actually need it. If you want to give, seek out services who deal with the homeless so that your gift can be better utilized. Smog is all but a thing of the past, when it does get bad are the days during the summer when there are local fires. Costumed buskers, best to just avoid them. Street performers, if they entertained you then tip them. Earthquakes, yeah we get them, but I am still alive and have been through some big ones. Bad neighborhoods, yes there are some bad ones everywhere but especially in LA, "know before you go." Rain, we don't get it too often so it is an issue. Oil accumulates on the roads during the summer months, the first rain storm creates a nice surface oil slick which often causes accidents and makes people paranoid. I would say the biggest danger to a tourist is the sun. Even on a cloudy day you can get burnt to a crisp, to avoid getting burned wear sunblock. There are many brands and kinds of sunblock. I prefer the non-greasy, waterproof kind while riding my cruiser along the beach trail in Huntington Beach. Hope to see you here.

  24. We have a wet season and a very long dry season. The first rains bring all the oil up out of the crevices in the road and create a frictionless surface similar to black ice. Be very cautious. The mountains around LA are geologically very new with steep slopes. All the water runs into the coastal basin so we get street flooding and flash floods, both very dangerous. The rainstorms can concentrate in specific areas. I've been in storm cells where the water poured over the car like a dozen firehoses for up to fifteen minutes. If this happens on a freeway slow down, put in your flashers, signal and carefully go the the right lane and get off at the first exit. Find a safe elevated spot and park. Turn off your engine and lights and wait for the cell to pass. The same is true for most streets. Flooding can occur within minutes or seconds. Never drive through a flooded area. You don't know how deep it is. Find a way around it. We can also have extremely thick fogs. Drive very cautiously in them. If you drive in rural areas near marshes there's a phenomenon called a "tule fog" from the thick tule reeds in the marshes. You literally can't see your hand in front of your face. Don't drive under these conditions. Park in the safest area you can off the road and keep your flashers on. Your biggest danger is other drivers. And of course the Tule monsters but they rarely attack and drag people into the swamps these days. The state government employs them instead.

  25. News flash. If you drive on the shoulder in LA, especially on a freeway, you're very likely to be stopped by a cop or the Highway Patrol. Bad enough for a local but worse for an out of towner. Be prepared for not only a very expensive ticket and your car being towed but also for potential arrest and incarceration in one of our less than friendly jails. Especially during the holidays this can mean a multi day stay in jail until your court hearing. You may have to post bail. Your car will have been towed. When you are released you get shoved out of the jail door with whatever of your belongings you were carrying when you entered minus any suspicipus items, which may include your cash and phone. Even if they don't keep the phone it won't have been charged so it will be dead. Nobody lets you may a phone call from jail. The jails are usually in unpleasant parts of town. You'll probably have to walk for miles, assuming you know where to go and what areas to avoid. The company that towed your vehicle will be miles away. Don't worry too much about that because if you rented, the rental agency will have been notified and cancelled your contract. If they recover the car they'll charge the towing fee to your credit card in addition to steep fees and penalties. You'll be blackballed by all the major rental agencies for years. Assuming you make your way to safety you'll be responsible for your bail as an out of towner. You'll also have to be available in person for a court hearing that will be weeks away at least, and possibly months. I imagine your passengers will be furious at you. There are almost certainly other unpleasant consequences, including your own areas driving license agency which may examine your suitability for driving. Your insurance agency will be greatly displeased and dramatically hike your rates. In short, DON'T DO IT! Unless you're a masochist who enjoys pain and humiliation.

  26. I can appreciate the residents defending their city and all, but I was just there a couple weeks back and it really has turned into a $#!+hole with the homeless encampments everywhere. Unless you've never been to LA and wanna experience it for once, then do it, but it's not anywhere as cool or pretty or enjoyable as it used to be…especially places like Venice Beach.

  27. Check out Orange County just south of Los Angeles Not here at Anaheim where Disneyland is located but the surrounding affluent areas such as Newport Beach Laguna Beach it's a bit nicer safer. Dan host from I Allegedly on YouTube has a channel that should be of interest..

  28. Nothing you've said about California sounds even remotely nice. The whole video is about where not to go, watch your back absolutely everywhere you go at all times in Cali. Too criminals, homeless druggies, and gangs everywhere. Their oceans are freezing cold and you can get sea lice swimming in their oceans there ( from extreme pollution ). California is so polluted, smog, most neighborhoods look like ghettos unless you're rich and in a rich neighborhood. If you want nice beaches come to Florida. We very nice beaches and the water is not freezing cold. You wont need a wetsuit. You wont get sea lice, no smog, No earthquakes. Florida has lots of beautiful green lush trees and forest, and although we have homeless like everyplace in America. We don't have no where near the homeless people California has. You don't have to watch your back everywhere you go, no gangs here unless you're in Miami. No earthquakes, and people are genuinely nice here for the most part, Not as phony and superficial as hipster yuppie land California. An The rest of it is just homeless druggies and gangs run down neighborhoods that are very dangerous. California is America's toilet bowl. Nothing good there worth visiting.

  29. Honestly California is NOT worth visiting . Full of yuppies, and the rest are homeless that no one cares about too many gangs crime drugs and a lot of trash all over the ground in most places. So unless you're a rich white yuppie? California will be a major disappointment to visit. We have a saying here in the rest of the U.S. Everything in California is plastic, meaning it's fake, a mirage, all the people are superficial and not nice. Too many homeless people, everyone else there is fake as can be. California does not live up to the hype. It is a sh!thole . There's a reason many people are moving away from that hellhole. Trust me you are not missing anything NOT visiting California.

  30. Lived here all my life, and the only times I ever felt unsafe is around homeless in the tourist areas, it’s really bad. You can drive through anywhere in LA and no one will tell you anything you will be fine. Some of the best spots to eat are in “sketchy” areas and 99% of the time you will be fine, locals know you are supporting the small business so they leave you alone. Also fire season is usually around June- September.

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