1. This is what you get when you vote for Democrats I have no clue why people think the Democrat party is compassionate everything they do they destroy everything they touch they destroyed the Democrat party does not give a shit about the American people all they care about is destroying this country

  2. It's a trip that this is entertainment now. I stayed in Imperial Courts in the 70s. It wasn't entertaining though. Fun, kinda dangerous, some cool people (IF you live there) but I wouldn't glorify it. I'd try to escape. It's a "trap" life. Outside people treated us like crap on the real, so enjoy. Bottoms Up.

  3. I'm annoyed that I've been through here so many times in a VAN and my personal cars that I simply know the area just by looking at a single building this city has definitely become a shit show.

  4. Thank you for educating us bro. Not many journalists, and you are a real journalist, will venture out into the underworld, among real gangs, ask real questions that get to the heart of the matter to educate us. This channel needs to grow because people think it's simple to get off the street, to stop living that life, and the people on the street are telling and showing us it's not all in black and white, and why they live the way they're living. I fully support what you do.

  5. "You ain't from ova here you ain't welcome over here" Bitch please! I Seriously doubt that kid pays any taxes! No wonder businesses don't want to open new establishments in the area! The taxes are insane & these momos are telling people that they don't want you there!
    I totally understand being poor what I don't understand is why these idiot's want to make life miserable for everyone else who lives in the area!

  6. so much trash everywhere, everyone is smoking, listening to thug music and driving like shit. I'm glad I don't live there. I can only imagine all the drama that goes on because of bad drug deals and other BS that leads to so many deaths… yeah but f the police is what they are saying… yeah until you need them…

  7. This is what Biden's America has become everywhere. We are almost a third world country. They want it to be like Somalia, Haiti, or other 💩 hole countries. America is becoming a Narco State like Mexico

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