Los Angeles Lakers REPLACEMENT Signing After Russell Westbrook Trade | Lebron James & Anthony Davis

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  1. How do you guys feel about the Russell Westbrook trade?

    Who should the Los Angeles Lakers prioritize signing heading into free agency?

  2. Russ saw KD and Harden leave him and created a super team in Brooklyn. Now it’s his turn for revenge and joining they lakers is gonna be box office if they are all healthy.

  3. By far one of the Lakers better moves…we all seen what just happened besides injury in the playoffs..

  4. Either Rudy Gay or Melo (not both), Dwight, and either Nic Batum or Otto Porter Jr. Bring back THT & Caruso of course

  5. Man I hope we can sign and trade schroder and get deMarr for the MLE then melo for the VET MINIMUM it’s gone a team USA vibe and we can most definitely WIN 🏆

  6. They should just give J-Lin a chance, looking at his stats, J-Lin has better stats than Westbrooks, space cap, make better decisions, and cost way less and can shoot better than Westbrooks.

  7. If lakers wanna trade so much 😊release lebron and Davis then put on t.i song you can have whatever you like…

  8. People forget Bron shoots 3PT% above league average, like he can sometimes just be a catch and shoot guy and let russ attack and collapse the defense + he can conserve his energy while russ facilitates the offense

  9. I don't know if this trade work's cause Westbrook & James want the ball most of the time. It will be can Westbrook defer to James and Davis……..??

  10. I think what showed as the biggest deficiency last season was the lack of height and also energy. Dwight Howard really brought fun and energy and height to the team and mixed with Javale McGee were, I think a perfect 1-2 punch at centre.

  11. Get buddy if still possible in a sogn and trade then go after Melo,Ariza,Dermott,Rivers,Dwight,Otto porter,Wayne Ellington,Avery Bradley,jeff green,Danny Green, on MLE either patty mills, Tim Hardaway Jr,Demar Derozan,

  12. Westbrook was a better deal than buddy. If you haven't notices i challenged all the analysts saying this. The Lakers need a rim attacker and someone that could carry the team when Lebron is resting. Melo would be a good add on for a ring now.

  13. Yes Carmelo is a no brainer at the vet minimum, possibly Ellington at the vet min as well.

    I would really like Otto Porter Jr as a 3&D player for maybe the MLE.

    As much as I like Schroder he was a disaster in the playoffs and struggled during the reg season, so do a sign and trade for a 3&D guard or another wing.

    And, Whiteside (vet min) as their starting Center when AD is at the 4.

  14. Harrison Feigen tweeted that Brodie was the Kaiser’s loan B. I wonder if Trezz refused to opt in unless he was guaranteed he would not be traded to Sac. Hope that isn’t true because I’d like to think we really wanted Brodie over Hield. Read some reports that they really wanted Brodie all along but perhaps didn’t think he was available. Still Russ will have to show me, especially in the playoffs. But two things are certain, Russ is an upgrade from Shrooder, and in the event AD goes out for a while, I’d rather have Bron and Russ, than Bron and Hield. Melo would be nice, now that he has mayured. Hioefully, Russ has as well.

  15. Budy hill is good but not that good like wess don’t give a crap what the haters say but kuz Harrell and kcp combined are not even close to wess he’ll yeah I ❤️ the trade

  16. They will sign in CP3 soon and probably Carmelo.
    Lebron said he wanted to play with those men before he retired.

  17. Grab Melo and Reddick and bring back Dwight and tell Vince Carter to come out of retirement and get a ring

  18. If it was even trades I would have kept a younger group for trade value. I get trying to get it while you got bron. But you know they know they don’t have him forever.

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