Los Angeles By Night | 4K Drone Video

Hey guys… Here is a continuation of my previous Los Angeles Drone Video… If you missed that I’ll set up end screen with the link to that one but this video is all about Los Angeles after dark… Check this one out and as always have a good weekend…

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  1. Great video, as other comments have said…good transitions and music, nice view of the city.

    Am curious, hard to get clearance for controlled airspace and what altitude were you permitted to fly at?

    Lastly, as a long time california resident I appreciate Los Angeles but I realize it’s got nothing on Bangkok as cityscape. Bangkok is an incredible city and unfortunately it put our beautiful city to shame when it comes to the urban environment and skyline. So many buildings and lights….LA just don’t got that. But hey! We got street tacos and farmer boys though🤣🤣

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  3. American cities don't trees it seems very weird. In india asia fastest growing well planned city 🏙️ banglore it hub with many trees our govt took strict action for trees

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