Life & Death on the Chicago Streets | Reggie Yates Extreme | Real Stories

Life & Death on the Chicago Streets | Reggie Yates Extreme | Real Stories

Reggie examines the impact that gun violence and police brutality continue to have on the citizens of Chicago.
Against the backdrop of unprecedented gun violence, Reggie Yates travels to Chicago to investigate gun crime in President Obama’s adopted hometown. In the year of filming this documentary, there were 468 murders in 2015. With many of the victims being young African-American men, who was to blame?
Reggie hears first-hand the accusations of police brutality, but after attending the aftermath of a shooting and funeral of a young black man, he comes to realise an even bigger problem is that the majority of killings are perpetrated by young black men living in Chicago’s poorest neighbourhoods.


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Life & Death on the Chicago Streets | Reggie Yates Extreme | Real Stories


  1. Hello from Cambodia. Thank you for your video. I used to work on Chicago's South-side as a lead social worker for several complexes in the Projects until I was forced out, and served as a Literacy Specialist at the Juvenile Detention Center. Shaking as I walked to offices in Projects from bus stops being yelled at by armed folks collecting money from people using the stairs in the high-rises, going to the funeral of a child expecting retaliation, rats the size of cats sleeping with babies to keep warm in harsh winters, and staff being robbed at gun-point are a few memories. I am of course unable to fathom what it is like to live there and have the generational drive and accompanying hopelessness regarding surviving there.

    I worked with some of the most amazing, creative, and driven incarcerated mostly black and brown children fighting to surive. I fought the overwhelming wash of sadness and anger often as I walked through the hallways of the jail in the mornings past 400 hundred incarcerated children often abused by corrections officers–sometimes in front of me to display their "power". Working with incarcerated youth was one of the top most influential work experiences of my life so far. They taught me so much as I tried my best helping them learn to read, express their poetry, find information on how to take care of expected babies, and (even once that I know of) being the first white person who had ever been nice to them.

    I feared for my life at the hands of Chicago cops as they threw me up against the wall of my apartment building knowing they had killed someone in the building next to mine the week before. I know my experiences as a white-skinned person pale in comparison to those of people I knew and loved in Chicago and the people you met making this film. The man who spoke of the system being broken was correct: the system cannot be fixed. It MUST be replaced. Fred Hampton did what he could in his very young years in Chicago before he was murdered in his bed by the police. My love to all who continue in the struggle.

  2. I'm glad I got out alive. Coming up on the westside of Chicago in the 90's was tough. I think the end of this video says it all, there is a lack of hope and that's what fuels the violence.

  3. New York City had a young boy targeted thought he was in a g gang he was by himself he hid on some stairs to hide he thought he was safe about nine kids 20-year-olds ranging to teens kicked and punched this kid till he die and another young team in New York City tried to hide in the store and they dragged them and you can see him trying to use every muscle to try to save his life he stabbed him repeatedly times slit his throat and he walked a full block and a half to two box to the hospital to collapse at the security and die imagine being a young boy looking for police or security to help you but the only time you find him when you're right about to die

  4. but do you guys agree with if you out playing gangster than you get gangstered…meaning we are one way around those that will mourn for us but another way around the guys that want mourn for you.

  5. crucial at 41:56 people depending on the government…and why shouldn't they…depending on anyone else almost surely means murder…The biggest players in the game are making the noise…city government and city kids…the other players in the game are not doing anything…Im not in the game and dont care…just saying…

    your thoughts please

  6. I only made it through 7 minutes of this. It is so one sided. Only telling 1 side of the issue is the Democrat thing to do. Please put some more Fair documentaries on this channel.

  7. Now I'm waiting for a documentary about poverty, drug abused and crime in white communities in cities, rural and Appalachia. This continuous heighten narrative about poverty in urban american should be balanced with narratives about the growing black middle and upper middle class sections of america. There is a larger dynamic picture to draw of black Americans progress into mainstream america. The only people loving all the hopelessness and suffering are white racists.

  8. Reggie you put police brutality and black on black crime in the same sentence… But you don't seem to say about the police men and women that are black ? WHY IS THAT ?

  9. Watching this in 2022 this seems prophetic. I’m appalled by the continuous loss of innocent young black men, and increasingly, children to white, unsupported and depressed police officers. Black lives absolutely matter!! They deserve equal economic opportunities, safe interactions with law enforcement officers, and they deserve the same as my two white sons; as of now they don’t have it.

    America is not a nation of freedom unless we are ALL free.

  10. The source of all this violence is drugs and money, plain and simple. Crack down on all chemicals used to make the drugs (as in get strict with all labs)and be harsh on any little bit of drugs found on a person, cus nowadays its gone backwards and when their caught and claim its personal use its only a slap on the wrist.

  11. End the purchase of guns in the USA, Canada doesn’t have this problem and they’re just north of us.
    The ignorance of lack of education and access to guns create an unsafe world for everybody especially those in the poorest neighborhoods

  12. I've lived in Chicago my whole life. Chicago is a good city to live in….it's the "bad" people that makes Chicago a bad city to live in. It's a demonic force that's upon us as a nation. The bad part is the media only focus on the worst part of the city. I love Chicago but it's not a place to raise children.

  13. She's hilarious. Eventually the kid wouldve died anyway? The kids were all gang bangers? She's obviously never finished grade school. Statistically most kids are in school. They are trying to get OUT of Chicago and not trying to end up in the box. Stamp.

  14. I feel sorry for the people who have lost love ones from the police, but look at all the black on black killing and everyone is afraid to speak on it black and white God bless us all and let there be more love Amen 🙏🙏🙏

  15. Born in chitown still here in home has always been good to’s a beautiful city, it’s just the people that’s bad, another thing..if you don’t know how to move or what’s going on in some areas of course you could be caught in the middle of trouble but if you have something going for yourself and sticking and moving you will be alright..this is nothing new Chicago has always been rough and violent

  16. It’s like a waste of time letting them know the problem in the community Deaf ears don’t listen to the thing they going to go back into the same old thing if not you just antagonize them and they will kill twice as more😢 sad but true

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