LAFD Tackles RV Fire | Los Angeles

07.28.2021 | 11:23 PM | VERMONT-SLAUSON – LAFD responded to a reported vehicle fire at 450 W 58th St.

Firefighters arrived to find an R.V. heavily involved with fire.

Firefighters attacked the fire and were able to get a knock down in 20 minutes.

No injuries were reported and cause of the fire is unknown.

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  1. Most of these homeless RV fires are over $10 worth of dope .

    And looking at the trash piled underneath and condition of the truck parked behind it guess what.


  2. Just what LA needs – another derelict burnedout RV sitting in your neighborhood. Just great for the homeless population district.

  3. Odd to leave the saw ticking over, two strokes hate that. Maybe it isn’t two stroke though, the world is changing :o)

  4. Nice catch 😀👍👍, Sorry the person(s) lost their lives & property 😟 Good job LAFD 🚒🏬 very good video & audio quality also!!!

  5. Arson. The roof was on fire and shooting water up to ceiling from inside didn’t touch it. Probably poured gasoline on roof.

  6. I wonder why they didn’t call for additional units like another pumper or pumper and ladder truck….🚨🔥🚒🤔🤔

  7. After the investigation Battalion 19 into further notice they found a body inside this motorhome a person by the name Leo Jones age 62 may you rest in peace

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