1. Here again is another law banning practices by homeless people taking over city streets that are or already should be illegal that in the end won't be enforced. All the goody two shoes lawyers are already ramping up their lawsuit machines. Hopefully a more conservative supreme court will uphold this law letting cities take back their sidewalks and use them as you know SIDEWALKS!

  2. They're living under every single bridge. I have three bridges near my home. This is unfair to property owners and renters. These vagrants will end up breaking in to peoples homes if they get hungry enough.

  3. 😂, I was paying rent $4000 per month right in Westwood to enjoy my cup of coffee in the balcony watching grown man naked right on the park, I moved out on November. Never again I will live there. F Brentwood and the Westwood. I live in Glendale now where the local government takes care of me and these camps are not allowed.

  4. There was always an ordnance they just never enforced it look at skid row. It looks like the new ordinance just added more restriction but this news report did not say what time they can sleep on the streets as of now they can sleep on the streets from 9pm to 5am in Los Angeles and tents were never allowed they just did not enforce that ordnance!

  5. Put them in a Hotel, like they do the ones crossing over the border! They are Americans, so slime bag Joe and Nancy step up and take care of our people before the other country's. This is the worst I've ever seen, please people get them jerks out of power!!! That thing Joe, and Harris are taking our Country down, and plastic Nancy, is the in for the ride of money!!!😠😠😠😠😠

  6. Finally no one should want to never live like this on the streets, how about living in mobile trailer home, recreational vehicle camper, efficiency apartment, studio apartment, double wide or mobile homes. Anything but the streets working minimum wage for 40 years to maintain.

  7. The issue with the homeless is that they don’t wanna give up the needle they don’t want responsibility , like you have only yourself to worry about so it shouldn’t be hard to start from the bottom then work your way up , you gotta wanna get out of the hole , but unfortunately there’s way to many mentally ill people and the only solution for that is put them down like they do dogs that don’t have homes but would always love and be loyal to you , a living thing that can love more then a human can so what’s the difference.

  8. You liberals going to stand for this? Those republicans in the LA city council need to be stopped!!! Ohhh wait, there arent any republicans. Now you eat your own.

  9. Ya right trying to move the Homeless I bet you 25 billion dollars this new law goes nowhere. What are you going to do ticket them. Put them in Jail A Big Fat NO. I have an idea Let's move them up to Napa Valley In the rich area. See if that dose does not cause a problem. Calif Dem's started this a long time ago.Time to own up to it

  10. It's interesting elected officials only act when they're threatened with recall petitions. I worked at LA City Hall 15 years ago…..the council I worked for would never have allowed
    the homeless to take over the city.

  11. That leaves: roof-tops, tree-canopies, construction-sites, parking-lots, storage-yards, residential-yards, church-grounds, cemeteries, utility-shafts, car-parks, green-swards, bill-boards, rubble-piles, condemned-buildings, military-site-perimeters, prison-site-perimeters, and long-term-storage-sites.

  12. Street homeless live very simple life. They really don't ask for much. They would like to be left alone, and the only thing they want is to be as close as possible to their fentanyl dealers. Fentanyl is the king on our streets.

  13. Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction(hell), but small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life(heaven), only a few find it.Matthew7:13 Believe in God's son Jesus today, repent of your sin, dont be left behind.

  14. Well, good. I want all Americans to have a home, and of course we need to address the problem seriously, but at the same time nobody should be allowed to just set up camp wherever you want. Sidewalks and parks are not a place for anyone to just live and litter. It's a public health and safety hazard.
    We need to get these people into supportive housing and also seriously tackle housing affordability too. Every American should have a safe and healthy home.

  15. Please come to the 1500 block of S La Cienega and remove the two camps on the sidewalk there. Both of these folks have been offered housing and declined.

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