Kris Dunn 2020-21 Best Highlights | Welcome to Boston

Kris Dunn 2020-21 Best Highlights | Welcome to B̶o̶s̶t̶o̶n̶ Memphis

he only played 77 minutes in nine games combined last year ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. "Defense wins Championship", it's so Jrue, as proven by the Bucks the last time…That's what the Celtics guards were missing during the time of Kyrie and Kemba….I'm glad Brad was plugging that hole…

  2. downgraded version of marcus smart – neither of the J & will sign again with Boston with this roster… letting Moses Brown go it is a mistake Celts will remember for years to come.

  3. If you're interested, I've broken down all of the problems with his jump shot and the ways in which they can be fixed in this video, below, but as I don't exactly have the capability to send it to 47.7K subscribers, lol, would you mind sharing it on Twitter, and wherever else, for me? I realize that I'm probably asking for far too much, here, but I'm just trying to see that it finds its way to the right people, so to speak, as I'm honestly just doing everything within my limited means to at least attempt to help the guy out, especially as CT doesn't exactly produce a lot of homegrown NBA players, so I just want to see him do well, out there :).

    Thanks for your time, as I really appreciate it :).

  4. Dunn was hurt a lot of last season, so he didn't show much. If you look at 2 years ago though (his last season with the Bulls), he was 2nd in the entire league in steals per game (only Ben Simmons averaged more). When fully healthy this guy has Marcus Smart defensive ability…

  5. If he can return to his Chicago form that would be amazing but hes a plus defender no matter what and this was a amazing cap move

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