1. We cannot wait to see Kenny in Denver July 30th. Colorado has had its own show of tragedy that have been beyond belief. I would love it if Kenny would write a song about Colorado!

  2. Kenny, true confessions? I've never been much of a country music fan. Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, Randy Travis, and Garth Brooks were the exceptions. But dude, you had me at The Tin Man. Somewhere with You was my favorite for the longest time. But, Boston booted it two. And the funny thing is that I was born a farm kid from Michigan. 😊 Keep on keeping on! Edit: How on earth am I just now hearing this song!!! This came out in 2005!!! E-FREAKING-GAD!!!

  3. I found this song not long ago and fell I love with it I've been to most of the islands and can totally understand how anyone could love that life God bless you for all you do

  4. I'm originally from Bennington Vermont I moved to Tennessee 21 years ago just outside of Knoxville in a town called strawberry plains and I love it. Kenny Chesney is the bomb from luttell Tennessee.

  5. Boston born and raised. USCG for 28 years…..retired now and going through cancer treatment. If you could send me a Boston Strong hat not only would I be eternally grateful but I would send you a treat! 🙂

  6. Whoo hoooo I'm from New England thank you Kenny for a great song!!!!! I love singing and playing this song on my guitar!!!!

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