Joey Gallo TRADED to the New York Yankees for 6 PROSPECTS!

Joey Gallo TRADED to the New York Yankees for 6 PROSPECTS!

Joey Gallo has been traded to the New York Yankees. The Rangers will receive Josh Smith, Ezequiel Duran, Trevor Hauver, Everson Pereira, Glenn Otto & Randy Vasquez back in the trade. Who do you think won this trade?
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  1. Sounds like the trade is The Yankees would get Gallo and LHR Joely Rodriguez from Texas for 4 minor leaguers: RHP Glenn Otto, 2B Ezekiel Duran, SS Josh Smith and 2B/OF Trevor Hauver.

  2. So basically the rangers gave Gallo away for absolutely nothing…. wow! Yankees always get what they want. A bunch of white collar crooks!

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  4. We did it again baby we got rizzo☺️🥰 honestly more happy with rizzo that Gallo but stocked for both

  5. I'm not saying Gallo isn't good, but I don't think he's great. I'll take a balanced player any day of the week. You don't have to hit .300, but anything below .250 means you just don't put the ball in play enough. I'd take 180 hits over 50 home runs every time. Especially in the playoffs when you face really good pitching. In those situations, you've gotta be able to shorten up your swing and just play ABC baseball. Even in today's game, that's what separates World Series champions from the rest.

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